How hide projector screen? 8 best DIY ideas or ways.

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hide projector screen

Not all people have a dedicated home theatre room. To use the projector. So the projector and projector screen are placed openly. Which may look untidy. 

So if you are ready for the little project to do. To hide the projector screen. At your projection place.

Then in this article, we are going to talk about the 8 best ways to hide projector screens in various places.

Among them, there are some of our favorite ways to hide the projector screen. And They are Flush Ceiling, Cornice, Pelmet, and Coffered Ceiling.

All these ideas are to hide the projector screen. It Will be a recommendation, it’s your choice to do it or not.

Because all these things need some strategy before you begin to work. And patience to get the work done.

How can I hide my projector screen? 

So from here, I will tell you about those ideas by following them. You can hide your projector screen. And make your projection place look tidy. I have added some images. So you can better understand.

Flush Ceiling 

If you have already done your ceiling construction. And you have the drywall ceiling. Then you can fit the in-ceiling motorized projector screen. In your ceiling. 

Basically in this, you have cut your drywall ceiling and have to install your screen. Inside the ceiling. This projector screen will be motorized.

You can control this by remote or 12v trigger. If your projector and screen support. You can control the projector screen. When it comes down or go up.

If you don’t like it or feel unsafe for yourself then you can move ahead.

Electric Motor with Tapestry 

If you want to learn something and you enjoy DIY stuff. Then you can use the electric motor with the tapestry. To hide the projector screen on the wall.

So let’s look at a quick overview of the things you will need to get the job done. Things you will require:-

  1. Tapestry
  2. Copper pipe
  3. ServoCity Bearing
  4. DC Motor
  5. Arduino

The tapestry will be wrapped over the copper pipe. And the Copper pipe will be attached to the ServoCity Bearing. That will be controlled by the DC motor.

And to turn it off and on automatically. Arduino will be needed. Arduino will look for the 12-volt trigger. And when the projector is on the tapestry will go up. 

And then go down, when the projector will be off. That’s how you can hide your fixed projector screen on the wall. All these things in action you can see below.

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Panels & Slides 

This is another way to hide the projector screen on the wall. For that, you have to build something like a window. Which will cover your screen.

And like you open or close the window. This system will work the same way. For the system overview. You can check the below image.

Diagram of door or window hidden projector screen
Fig:1 (Image by reddit & u/mar2457)
front view of the slide diagram
Fig:2 (Image by reddit & u/mar2457)

So what are you seeing in the image? Let me explain in case you don’t understand. How it will work.

The screen will be attached to the wall. Drawer slides will also be attached to the wall. And U-Brackets will attach to the drawer slides and the decorative panel or window or door.

So you can easily move the window. And manually open the window. When you need the projector. Or just gently close the window. 

It will hide your projector screen. As well, save the screen. So your projector screen won’t get dirty and you have to clean the projector screen.

During making all these make sure you are using the slides and brackets. Are easily able to handle the weight of the wood window. So your wood window doesn’t tilt. And you can easily close or open the window. 

Bookcase Or Bookshelf

If you are a book reader then you will like this one. Because you can use the bookcase to hide the projector screen. Yes, you can use the bookcase to read the bookcase as well as to hide the projector screen.

For that, you will need the bookshelf. Which can fit in your living room. Or whatever place you like to put the bookshelf. And then you will need the motorized screen.

Which you can assemble on the bookshelf. If you don’t want to use the motorized screen. You can also go with the manual or used a motorized projector screen. To save some money.

How things work you can see below.

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By using the cornice you can also hide the projector screen in your room. To get the nice and neat setup. For that, you can use the cloth cornice.

Or you can use the Styrofoam/Wood Crown Valance. These things are used to hide the window blind. And also work for the projector screen.

You have to assemble one of the materials. I told you. For example, if you use the wood crown valance. Here below you can see. How the setup will look. 

You can easily hide your projector screen. Between the cornice or valance. And whenever you need it you can use the screen. Or hide the screen.

screen is in use while hide in the Cornice/Valance
Cornice/Valance is used to hide the projector screen

Pop-Out from the cabinet 

If you have the cabinet. Then use the two Linear Actuators. You can easily hide your projector screen over the cabinet. And when you need the screen. 

The screen will be pushed outside the cabinet. And the power supply will be done by the DPDT (Double Pole Double Throw). In all this process you won’t need to touch anything. Check out the below video on how all these work in sequence.

And you can know what things you will need properly.


First, hang your motorized projector screen with the ceiling. Then start making the structure around the screen.

To make the pelmet. You can consider using the MDF board. Measure the size according to your place then install the MDF board.  And yeah left the place for the projector screen to go up and down.

On the place and secure them with the simple battens. So they don’t fall. And don’t forget the extended IR receiver. Which helps you to control the projector screen. 

For the final touch paint the MDF board. According to your room colour. So the structure can blend with your room vibe. And it doesn’t look like something inappropriate has been done in the room. Look at the below image for more clarification.

making pelmet for the projector screen
projector screen inside pelmet when not in use
projector screen is in use from the pelmet

Coffered Ceiling 

So a coffered ceiling is beautiful. You install the lights to look more attractive. Rather than looking good. You can use the coffered ceiling to hide the projector. During the home reconstruction. You can build a coffered ceiling. Which helps you to hide your screen as well as the projector.

Coffered Ceiling


Having a projector screen hidden. Give you a nice-looking room. And also by hiding the projector screen. You are making the projector screen safe. From any kind of bumping. 

If you have kids and pets. In the home, who knows when they will hurt your thousand-dollar projector screen. So it will be better to hide the projector screen.

Somewhere, where your pets and kids can’t read. So remember all these things. I have shared some ideas on how you can hide your projector screen. On the various places of your screen.

See you next time…

Feature image by: Lee Upton.

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