HDMI to VGA converter not working [8 Quick Ways to Fix]

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HDMI to VGA converter or adapter not working

Many people have old TVs, laptops, gaming consoles, Projectors, and monitors. Which they used as their external or secondary screen. To connect with these external screens there is only a VGA port available.

There are some common issues that make it difficult to use the HDMI to VGA converter or adapter. Like every digital device.

These are some solutions. You can try instant:-

  1. Need a power supply.
  2. Choose the right Input port.
  3. Cable or Adapter.
  4. Resolution And Refresh rate.
  5. Graphics Driver.
  6. VGA Cable
  7. Direction.
  8. Choose the right converter or adapter.

How to fix HDMI to VGA converter not working?

These are some troubleshooting you can do if your converter or adapter doesn’t work.

Need a power supply

Sometimes you will need an external power supply. Because the HDMI cable can’t provide enough power to the converter. When you connect the converter with the device which passes the high-resolution video signals. 

And inside the active HDMI to VGA converter, there is a chip inside the converter. Which needs more power. When you need to transfer high-resolution video signals. 

For this condition, you have to connect the converter with the micro USB cable to the power source. So there can be stable connections. While you connect the adapter with the secondary screen.

Input port

Make sure when you connect the VGA cable with your external screen (Projector, TV, and Monitor). 

You have to choose the VGA port in which you put the VGA cable. Last time you might use another port or cable for the video signal input.

So don’t forget to change the input port to a VGA port. Because if you don’t choose the right input port for your display. Your display won’t get the video signal.

Cable or Adapter

For the connection, there are two options available in the market: HDMI to VGA cable and adapter. Which one do you choose and why?

If you are thinking about this Or confused between both. You should go with the active HDMI to VGA converter or adapter. Which converts the digital to analog signal pretty well. Then the cable. 

If you go with the cable it won’t work properly. Because all the HDMI to VGA cables available on the market are a scam.

The main element is missing in the cable. That is a chip, which converts the digital signal to an analog signal.

So go buy the active HDMI to VGA converter. In which you will get the chip, audio output, and DC 5V port.

It has everything needed for the ideal connection between HDMI and VGA screens. Which also handles the high-resolution video signal. Better than the HDMI to VGA cable.

So, what is the conclusion if right now you have HDMI to VGA cable? Change with the HDMI to VGA converter ASAP. If you want a stable connection between your HDMI and VGA displays.

Resolution And Refresh rate

Resolution and refresh rate misconfiguration. Between the primary screen and the external or secondary screen.

Suppose your external display supports 1980x720p resolution at a 60hz refresh rate. There you are sending the signal at 1980x1080p resolution at a 60hz refresh rate. 

It won’t play on the external or secondary screen. Because you are giving a higher resolution than your external screen support. To get the proper connection between your both screens. 

You have to downgrade the resolution on your primary screen. It’s applied on any video source device you are using pc/laptop, gaming console, projector, or tv.

So your external display can recognize the video signal you’re serving. Then you won’t get the blank screen on the external screen.

Graphics Driver

You have to upgrade your laptop/PC graphics driver (If it is available). For that you have to go, to Device manager,>Display adapters>Integrated graphics

And click right-click on the integrated graphics, then click on the updated driver. And you can automatically update or you can browse your graphic driver online. 

Or manually go to your laptop/pc brand official site. And find the latest version of the graphics driver. Download and install on your laptop/pc.

VGA Cable

You should not use your primary VGA cable long. Because of the longer VGA cable you will use. This will be the loss of signal. 

Use the VGA cable length as much as you need. If possible use a short VGA cable to connect with your display.


If you have the converter or adapter which is HDMI to VGA. Then use this converter from HDMI to VGA to connect the HDMI and VGA port displays. 

Because it will not work if you connect the VGA and HDMI port display. For that, you have to get another converter which should be a VGA to HDMI active converter (Amazon Link). I hope you got the answer for Will an HDMI to VGA adapter work both ways?

Choose the right converter or adapter

There are lots of HDMI to VGA converter options available online. And in every converter description, the device converter support is told. 

So when you buy the converter make sure your converter supports the devices. That you are going to connect. So this minor thing also could be the reason. You won’t get a successful connection.

Also, take care of the resolution you are going to use on the external display. That is supported by your converter. Remember these things. When you go to buy the HDMI to VGA converter.

Special instruction


Whenever you use the HDMI to VGA converter/adapter. To connect your external displays with the PS4. You should remember these three things:-

  1. Power up your converter. Because the PS4 video signal is high resolution. And as we talked about earlier. The higher-resolution video goes through the converter. You will need the power. So power up your converter by connecting it with the micro USB cable to the power source.
  2. If your display (Projector, TV, and Monitor) doesn’t support the higher resolution. You can downgrade the resolution for your display.
  3. Something different: You have to disable the HDCP on the PS4. Because the VGA doesn’t know what HDCP is. So he won’t pass the video signal. When you Disable HDCP on your PS4. In PS4 you can’t stream Netflix, Plex, and other streaming platforms. But this is not an issue, you can again enable HDCP. But you have to disable the HDCP for the gameplay.
  4. And also make sure you are using the active HDMI to VGA converter or adapter.

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Mac mini and MacBook

For the Mac mini and MacBook non-apple HDMI to VGA converters work but not for a long time. It will not be a good investment. 

I will suggest you get the Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt) to VGA converter (Amazon Link) or USB-C to VGA. You can choose between them according to the port options you have available.

Further for the MacBook. If the connection doesn’t work. You can reset the PRAM and SMC. And replug the connection on both ports, usually, these things work. For that, you can follow the below video.


If you have connected your secondary or external display with the laptop/pc. And don’t get the sound. 

For this, you have to right-click on the speaker’s icon on the right-hand side of the screen. A new window will open with other options. 

From them, you have to choose a playback device. Then right-click on the device form you want the audio output. And set it as default. Take the audio from the laptop.

And there is another option if you’re not using the laptop. You can get the audio output from the HDMI to VGA converter. 

From the audio output port 3.5 mm jack. By using this port you can connect to the external speakers.

What is an HDMI to VGA converter or adapter? 

HDMI to VGA converter is a directional device. That is used to convert the digital signal to an analog signal. For the external screen, which has a VGA port.

Do HDMI to VGA converters work both ways?

No, until there is no HDMI to VGA converters. That work both ways. That’s why while choosing the converter.

Make sure you. Which directional of converter do you need HDMI to VGA or VGA to HDMI?

What is the best HDMI to VGA converter or adapter?

If you get a problem why HDMI to VGA converter not working? And you need to change the converter or adapter to solve the problem. Then you can choose the converter or adapter from the following given option:-

  1. UGREEN Active HDMI to VGA Adapter
  2. UGREEN Active HDMI to VGA Adapter (Special for TV sticks)
  3. Cable Matters HDMI to VGA Adapter
  4. StarTech.com 1080p 60Hz HDMI to VGA High Speed Display Adapter

Conclusion: HDMI to VGA converter not working.

The HDMI to VGA converter is very useful. When you have the only VGA port available on the external or secondary screen you want to connect to.

When connecting your primary screen with the secondary screen (Projector, TV, and Monitor). And your HDMI to VGA converter or adapter is not working. Then you can resolve it by following the above-explained fixes.

I hope special instruction will help you too. If you have some particular problem with the HDMI to VGA converter.

See you next time…

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