Grey vs white projector screen: Which is the best colour for you?

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grey vs white projector screen

So, you are going to set up your projector. And you have to choose between the two projector screens: grey and white projector screens. That is why in this article. We are going to compare both the colour grey vs white projector screen.

And know which projector screen surface colour is best for the outdoor, living room and dedicated home theatre room.

Does projector screen colour matter?

Yes, projector screen colour matters. Because of projector screen colour, it’s decided. How much light will reflect on you? And how bright an image you will get? 

And also how much colour full image you will get on the screen. Also in which condition. You can use the projector and the screen.

White projector screen? 

White projector screens (Amazon Link) are standard projector screens. Famous than any other screen for a long time. And inside the man cave or bat cave home theatre room under your home basement .

Where walls and ceiling are a dark colour painted. Which can absorb any kind of ambient light. Those external or internal lights present inside the room make the projector image look blurry or faded.

Then in this kind of room situation. The white projector screen works great. White screens are well known for providing popping bright colours and bright images. And they give when you use them, inside the light control room.

But when you use the white projector screen outside. In the ambient lightroom. The white projector screen will completely disappoint you. Because white colour can’t deal with the ambient light.

The reason why you get the washout image on the white screen. Which is disappointing. You may notice some time using the projector screen in the ambient control room. The white projector screen can’t give you the black level on the screen like grey.

Because projectors can’t project the black colour on the screen. To projector the black colour. Projector has to do the adjustment. Which is not that helpful to provide the black level. In those movie scenes. 

Which whole movie theme is black or some scene. 

And if your concern is related to the black level and contrast ratio. You have to use your white projector screen in the dedicated home theatre room. 

There are many advantages and disadvantages of the white projector screen. To overcome the disadvantages. You have to use the grey projector screen. Let me introduce you to the grey projector screen.

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Grey or Gray projector screen? 

Let’s start with the introduction of the grey screen. Grey projector screens are first introduced by the Stewart film screen

The first projector screen with a grey colour they introduced in 2001. When they launched their grayhawk projector screen lineup.

Grey projector screen is famous between the home theatre enthusiast and owners. Because the grey projector screen provides your great black level and contrast ratio.

Because the projector can’t produce the black image on the white screen. Here is a grey projector screen that comes in the roll. 

It gives you a great black level on the screen. It is just wow. But the image colour may look dull in comparison to the white projector screen.

And if you don’t have a dedicated home theatre room. Where ambient light is normal. You can’t completely block all the lights. 

And you like to use the projector in daylight inside your house. The only thing you can do to control the light is to close the window and blinds.

In this type of situation, you can use the grey projector screen (Amazon Link). Without any worry of losing the quality of the image. A Grey projector screen is great for this kind of situation.

If you are using the grey projector screen inside your dedicated home theatre room. You will get more than a wow black level. If you are a former user of the white projector screen. 

And don’t change the projector contrast and lumens settings. You will get a noticeable enhancement in the contrast ratio. And if you are seeing the movie. 

There is a blue sky scene. You will see the blue sky blue. Not like a white projector screen. If you notice this kind of scene on the white screen. The blue sky will look white.

In the grey screen image, the colour is deeper than the white projector screen. A Grey or Gray projector screen is also helpful. When you have a low-end projector with a low contrast ratio.

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Advantages and Disadvantages:  Grey vs White projector screen

Advantages and Disadvantages

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of the white and grey projector screen. 

White screen 

  • Pros
  • White projector screens are standard projector screens. If you have a dedicated home theatre room. The white projector screen gives you a popping colour on the screen. You won’t get the greyish hue on the projection screen. Or muddy like the grey projector screen. Just bright colours on the screen.
  • Cons
  • The white projection screen is completely washed out. In the presence of ambient light. And don’t give you the good black level and the contrast on the projected image. Not recommended for the ambient light room.

Grey screen 

  • Pros
  • A Grey projector screen is for you. If you expect an amazing black level from the projector screen. Then the grey projector screen gives you the things you want. And also like to use your projector in the daylight in your living room. Which is not fully ambient light control. Then you can go with the grey projector screen. It will not disappoint you.
  • No, worry if you have a projector. Which has low contrast.
  • Grey projector screens are great for outdoor use.
  • Cons
  • But there are some points where the grey screen lacks in comparison to white. You won’t get a better colour like a white screen. 
  • You may see some muddy and greyish hue on the screen.

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Gray vs white Projector screen. Which is more expensive?

In the present market. Both the professional projector screen. Have a similar price range. If you want some special features in the projector screen like ALR and CLR.

Then you have to pay more. This is when you buy the projector screen once. It’s ok to buy the white projector screen. When you have a dedicated home theatre room.

Or you have a light-controlled room. Then you don’t have to spend more on making optimal room for the screen. If you have nothing like that. Then you have to spend money on the black paint colour or black curtains.

If you go with the grey projector screen. You don’t need to spend any money on making a room appropriate for the projector screen. Even in the ambient lightroom. You will get a good image quality.

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It also depends upon the type of projector you have.

Yes, it’s true if you have a high-lumen output projector. And you are thinking of getting the white projector screen. 

Then you will get plenty of lumen on the screen. Which might not look appropriate. In the dedicated home theatre.

But you have the low-end projector which has a low contrast ratio and lumen output. Then in this situation grey or grey projector screen. 

Will help you to get a great contrast ratio on the screen. And better image quality.

Can you use a grey sheet for the projector screen?

Yes, you can use the grey sheet as a projector screen. But make sure your grey sheet should be smooth. And wrinkle-free. So you can use the grey sheet as a projector screen. 

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Conclusion: grey vs white projector screen.

If you don’t have a dedicated home theatre. And you are going to use the projector and the screen in the presence of ambient light. I will suggest you go with the grey projector screen.

And also there are two other reasons to choose the grey projector screen. If you have a low-end projector. Which don’t have a good contrast ratio.

And generally, people choose the grey projector screen. When they want a great black level on the screen. Reason on a grey screen you won’t get the popping colour.

If you have a dedicated home theatre. Or you are willing to pay for the black paint for the walls. And also for the black curtains.

Then white projector screen colour will be optimal for you. You will get a bright colour and a bright image on the screen. The reason why people choose the white colour.

That’s all from me on the grey vs white projector screen.

See you next time…


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