Epson 6050UB vs 5050UB: Which one is better in 2023.

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Epson 6050ub vs 5050ub/Epson 5050ub vs 6050ub

Today I am going to compare the high price range home cinema projector of Epson. And they are Epson 6050UB and 5050UB. And we compare both the projector Epson 6050UB vs 5050UB. On the various aspects.

In this article, my motto will be. To compare both the projector not only for the home theater. I will also compare both the projector, for gaming purposes. For the gaming people.

In case you are in a hurry you can check out the Epson 6050UB vs 5050UB comparison table. Where I have compared some highlighted features.

And add some image quality upgrades, for instant action. If you want to read the full comparison scroll down.

And stay tuned at the end. To read my final statement.

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Epson 5050UB vs 6050UB, Comparison Table


Epson Pro Cinema 6050UB

Epson Home Cinema 5050UB




1080p Native With the 4k enhancement

1080p Native With the 4k enhancement

Projection Size

50" – 300" (inch)

50" – 300" (inch)

KeyStone Correction

Vertical: ±30

Vertical: ±30

3D projection



Lens Shift

Vertical: ±96.3
Horizontal: ±47.1

Vertical: ±96.3
Horizontal: ±47.1

Input Lag

 27 Milliseconds

26 Milliseconds

Lamp Type

UHE bulb

UHE bulb

Lamp Life

35,000 hours

35,000 hours




Pixel Shift Technology

Unique S2 Pixel-Shift Processor

Pixel-Shift Processor

Imaging Technology

Powerful ZX Digital Imaging Processor

Digital Imaging Processor

HDR Technology

Precise H2 HDR Processor

HDR Processor

Ccontrast Ratio

1,200,000:1, when auto iris is on.

1,000,000:1, when auto iris is on.

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Both the projector are identical in the various term. I don’t know what Epson people want to sell us. Because they just improve a little bit and increase the projector price 300$ and 1000$.

But they are improved and they give you a better experience than the previous version. And I am going to compare the two projectors of Epson 6050 UB and 5050UB.

Both are identical in various terms. Like both have the same lumens of 2600. And their lamp life is 35,000 hours, according to projector central.

Same keystone and Lens shift angle. And their outer look is also the same, the only difference is color.

Both have a powered lenses in the front and at the side of the projector, you will get the menu buttons. And source button. So you can choose the input cable.

So, here a big question arrives what is the difference between both the projector. And should you upgrade from your 5050UB to 6050UB?

This is the little intro and identical term between the projector.

Picture Quality

Image quality Epson 6050UB vs Epson 5050UB

No doubt both are the best Epson home cinema projector under 3000$ and 4000$. For projecting great image quality.

If we avoid identical terms between in both the projector. Then we will notice some upgrades/differences Epson has done in the 6050UB.

Which makes the 6050UB better than 5050UB. Let talk about them and I will also elaborate on how they will affect your cinematic experience.

We all know that here in the UB range of Epson. UB stands for ultra black. This means you will get the great dark level in the UB range projector.

Epson takes care of its ultra-black legacy. And they take the contrast ratios to the next level. In 5050UB you will get the 1,000,000:1. And in the 6050UB you will get a higher contrast ratio of 1,200,000:1 when the auto iris is on.

Epson pro cinema 6050UB will provide you a deep dark level than the 5050UB. If it’s not enough for you. Then Epson has also added a lot more things in the 6050UB. For the sharp image quality.

The first upgrade in the 6050UB is pixel shifting. In 6050 UB you will get the upgraded unique S2 Pixel-Shift Processor. So in the 6050UB, you will get better pixel shifting than the 5050UB.

The other two upgrades are Precise H2 HDR Processor & Powerful ZX Digital Imaging Processor.

All these upgrades will make sure. Your final image quality on the screen is without artifacts and sharp 4K quality.

I have added the image at the starting of the conversion. You can see the clear difference between the images. I have seen from a different – different angle its great image quality on the 6050UB. Although both projectors support 4k 60/24 fps.

For the image quality in a nutshell I will say 6050UB is better than 5050UB. For sure go with the Epson Pro Cinema 6050UB (Amazon).


After measuring with the Leo Bodner input lag tester. I get 27 MS in the 6050UB and 5050UB has 26 MS. There is only 1 MS difference between both projectors. And I think there is not a big difference between the MS of both projectors.

Still, I try Modern Warfare on both projectors so I can do a comparison between both the projector. I try a couple of missions. I have added a video and as you can see the Modern Warfare has a black and grey theme.

So, as I earlier mention both the projector have no big difference between in the term of input lag.

That’s why I compare both projector gaming experiences based on image quality. As told you Modern Warfare has a dark and grey theme color.

In the 6050UB I get better image quality than the 5050UB. And you guys already know that 6050UB has a 1,200,000:1 contrast ratio and a great dark level.

Which helps me to navigate clearly in the missions. Both the projector have the same lumens. So brightness is identical in both the projector.

At last, I say. I got a better gaming experience in the 6050UB. If you want a good cinematic and gaming experience go with the Epson pro cinema 6050UB (Amazon).

If you own the PS4 you should check out our article on connecting PS4 to the projector.

Setup And Easy To use

Both projectors are easy to set up. Only you will need at least two people to hang the projector from the ceiling. You can also put your projector on the shelf and table for the projection.

To hang the 6050Ub you will get the ceiling mount inside the box. And for the 5050UB you have to buy the ceiling mount.

Their port is identical in both projectors:

Let’s check out them one by one and talk about their purpose. PC or VGA port to connect your old laptop and monitor. LAN port for the internet connection. USB for the wireless internet connection and firmware updates.

Both have HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 which supports HDCP 2.2. Mean you can project copyrighted content from the online platform.

And AC input port for the power supply. And rest are Security Slot, Opt. HDMI, Remote receiver, RS-232C port and Trigger Out port.

So both the projectors are easy to set up and also easy to stream content. So there is no issue with both the projector set up and use.

Home Cinema

Overall performance of the Epson Pro Cinema 6050UB is great. If I am spending more than the 4000$ on any home theater projector.

I will see the overall performance of the projector. Because I not going to see only the movie on the projector, I would like to also play some games on the projector. And I will also see which projector is easy to use and set up.

And all these intents will fulfill by the 6050UB. My recommendation will be Epson pro cinema 6050UB (Amazon) for the home cinema.

Final Statement

Why I stick at the end of the article in the comparison of Epson 6050UB vs 5050UB:

You will get overall great cinema and gaming experience on the 6050UB. As well If you spent $4,299.99 on the Epson 6050UB you will get a 3-year warranty. Also inside the box, you will get the ceiling mount and Spare Lamp.

Last thing Epson Pro Cinema 6050UB is the complete package for the home cinema.

Which you can replace when the projector lamp gets dead.

So, don’t hesitate to make the decision. Go with the Epson pro cinema 6050UB (Amazon). You will get an overall great experience.

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Epson® Pro Cinema 6050UB (Official Site)

Epson Home Cinema 5050UB (Official Site)

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