Epson 5050UBe VS 5050UB Full Comparison Side By Side 2023.

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Epson 5050UBE VS 5050UB

If you are searching for the best projector under 3000$. And Stuck between the Epson 5050UBe and Epson 5050UB. And thinking about which one is best for you. Then in this article, I am going to compare both the projector Epson 5050UBe VS 5050UB.

The main part of this article:

In this article. We will discover the difference and similarities between the Epson 5050UBe and 5050UB. And these similarities and differences tell us, which one is best for the home theater.

So, stay tuned.

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Comparison Epson 5050UBe VS 5050UB


Espson Home Cinema 5050UBe

Espson Home Cinema 5050UB



Input Lag

22.5 Milliseconds

26 Milliseconds


25.1 lb

24.7 lb

Wireless Connectivity



Product Dimensions

17.7 x 20.4 x 7.5 inches

17.7 x 20.4 x 7.5 inches


1920 x 1080 x 2 with 4K Enhancement 

1920 x 1080 x 2 with 4K Enhancement 

Color/White Brightness

2600 Lumens

2600 Lumens

Contrast Ratio

1,000,000: 1

1,000,000: 1

Throw distance

1.35 – 2.84

1.35 – 2.84

Lamp Type

250 W UHE

250 W UHE

Lamp Life

ECO Mode:  5,000 hours | Medium Mode: 4,000 hours | High Mode: 3,500 hours

ECO Mode:  5,000 hours | Medium Mode: 4,000 hours | High Mode: 3,500 hours

Lens shift

Vertical: ±96.3
Horizontal: ±47.1

Vertical: ±96.3
Horizontal: ±47.1

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Before we go further, I would like to solve some dilemmas of some people.

What is Pixel Shifting?

In both the projector you will get the Native 1080P LCD panels. But Epson has improved, both projectors 1080p. When the projector project on the screen. He doubles the resolution by overlapping resolution. On the screen. It’s happening by the shifting optical lenses.

So, it’s not true 4k but close to the 4k and smooth picture quality.

What is Lens Memory?

Like, 4K PRO-UHD. There another innovative things that exist are lens memory. It’s work to remember your projector screen aspect ratio.

Assume if you are watching the movie and you have a screen. Which aspect ratio is 1.85:1. And you see also sports its screen aspect ratio is 16:9.

In this situation, you don’t need to change your screen by doing the setting effort. You can save different aspect ratio settings for the cinematic experience and another for the HD tv aspect ratio. So, you have to just change saved lens settings.

Not no need to change lens settings from the scratch.

And this is the cool thing about the 5050 UB range. And Here UB stands for the “Ultra Black”.


97 % of things are similar in both the projector, but in this difference section. We are going to talk about some differences between both the projector. Which decides Epson 5050UBe is a winner or Epson 5050UB.

The first difference is input lag. Input lag is basically how fast your projector receives a video signal. And project on the screen. Epson 5050UBe has less input lag compared to Epson 5050UB.

Epson 5050UBe input lag is only 22.5 Milliseconds which is lower than the Epson 5050UB. And the other hand Epson 5050UB has an input lag of 26 Milliseconds. It’s matters a lot for those guys. Who plays games by connecting their PS4 to the projector. Or another gaming console.

The second difference, connectivity. Both projectors have similar wire connectivity options available. But here in terms of wireless connectivity. Epson 5050UBe got an extra edge. It has a wireless connectivity option available.

But for this, you have to buy the Epson wireless transmitter (which costs 300$). Then you can connect up to four HDMI cables with your projector. Without any worry. This gonna help you a lot. When you hook up your projector with the ceiling.

You can connect Tuner, DVD/Blu-ray disc, Camera, Games Consoles, Computer, Smart Device, and Video camera.

Third and Last difference. For some people, it could be silly and for some important. The last difference is the weight between both the projector. Although, both dimensions are the same. But Epson 5050UBe weight is 25.1 lb and Epson 5050UB weight is 24.7 lb. Thus Epson 5050UBe is bulkier and heavy than Epson 5050UB.

Here are all three differences. Which we consider for the comparison. In which two Epson 5050UBe won. And the Editor’s Choice is Epson 5050UBe (Amazon).


In this section of our article, we talk. What are those similarities both projectors have? Let’s kick start with the image quality.

Image Quality

Both projector Epson 5050UBe and Epson 5050UB. Have the same specification for the image quality. They come with a high contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. And their maximum lumens is 2600 Lumens.

Which can vary according to the modes you choose for the projection. For the low noise and long life of the projector. You should always use the Digital Cinema and Natural mode. And their resolution is 1080p, but it can enhance near to the 4k.

And the best thing I like about the projector. It’s dark level, this projector shows the dark and white contrast of the movies or video. Perfect.

Lens shift

Home theater demo image

By using the lens shift you can adjust your screen angle. No matter where you put your projector. For example, You can put your projector on the level of the screen in front of you, on the table. Or you hook up your projector on the ceiling. And also you can put it behind on your shelf.

No matter what your projector angle with the screen. You can adjust the screen angle by the lens shift (Vertically: ±96.3, Horizontally: ±47.1). And you can control your lens shift by remote, which comes in the box.

Epson 5050UB remote

Home cinema

Both are perfect for the home cinema. No matter where you set up your projector in the living room, garage, and basement. Or you project the videos/movies in the presence of ambient light this projector will work great.

If you on the lights of the room it’s not going to hurt the projector image quality. You will get the best image quality. If you wanna try this projector in the darkroom. You can try you will get image quality like the OLED.

Not only for the projection of the movie.

You will also get the precious experience of gaming on the projector. Although both input lag has a difference. But this difference is not that much.


Both the projector have a 250 W UHE lamp. And its life depends on which modes you choose to project image. And what is the luminous? If you run your projector at max power for the bright image quality.

It consumes more power than normal. And it’s also won’t work quietly. Its exhaust fan will make noise. If you want to resist this exhaust fan noise. You can use external speakers. To overcome the exhaust fan noise.

Or I will prefer to use the projector in Eco mode and Medium Mode. Which help me to use the projector without bothering. And it will help me to use my projector for a long time.

See how projector modes affect the projector life:

  • ECO Mode: 5,000 hours
  • Medium Mode: 4,000 hours
  • High Mode: 3,500 hours

Note: All these similar terms won’t be considered for the comparing. Because comparing the same term won’t tell us. Which one is the best Epson 5050UBe or Epson 5050UB? It’s only for awareness.

Final Thoughts

I have divided this article. In the two main parts Similarities and Differences. To compare both the projector. For the comparison, we consider the difference as a parameter.

Because it does not make any sense to compare similar aspects. And when we compare three differences, as considering. Comparing parameters and we got in three aspects Epson 5050UBe won.

And thus in the comparison of Epson 5050UBe VS 5050UB.

Epson 5050UBe is the winner (Amazon). If you are confused between both the projector. For sure go with the Epson 5050UBe, it will pay off. What you pay for it.

Some Honorable Mention

Home Cinema 5050UB (Official Site)

Home Cinema 5050UBe (Official Site)

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