Epson 5050UB vs Optoma UHD60. Which one you should get?

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Epson 5050UB vs Optoma UHD60

Many leading projectors brand use pixel-shifting technology for the true 4k image quality. One of them today we are going to compare Epson 5050UB vs Optoma UHD60.

Both the projector are true 4k projector, not native 4k projector. In this article, I will compare both the projector on a different point.

So, we can know which projector is great for our home theater room and living room. As well I will share some of my gaming experience with both the projector.

So you guys can also know, which projector is good for gaming. Other things I will discuss in the main part of the article.

Without losing any anytime, let’s get into the main part of the article.

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Stay tuned to read my opinion on Epson 5050UB vs Optoma UHD60.

Epson 5050UB vs Optoma UHD60: Comparison Table


Home Cinema 5050UB

Optoma UHD60



Inut Lag

25.8 - 26.9


Display Technology



Throw Ratio

1.35 – 2.84



4k (Pixel Shifting)

4k (Pixel Shifting)


2,600 (White&Color)


Screen Size

50" – 300"





Contrast Ratio



Keystone Correction






Lens Shift

Vertical: ±96.3
Horizontal: ±47.1

Only vertical lens shift.

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Picture Quality

For the image projection of Epson 5050UB and Optoma UHD60. Here I have used Elite Screens Aeon Series (Amazon). So I can reach a good quality image on both the projector.

And give you my honest opinion on the Epson 5050UB and Optoma UHD60 image quality.

Epson 5050UB and Optoma UHD60 both use pixel-shifting technology for the 4k image. Epson 5050UB project 4.3 million pixels on the screen. While Optoma UHD60 project 8.3 million pixels on the screen.

Optoma UHD60 image is slightly sharp than the Optoma UHD60. But people like you who don’t spend much time in front of the projector. You guys will not get that much difference in the sharpness between both projectors.

For normal people like you, the sharpness of the image could be the same on both the projector.

Epson 5050UB and Optoma UHD60 both support HDR 10. But in the Epson 5050UB, you will get better HDR image quality.

In the Optoma UHD60, you will get 3000 lumens. While in the Epson 5050UB you will get the 2600 lumens color and white. In the term of brightness, Epson 5050UB give harsh competition to the Optoma UHD60.

It’s because the Optoma UHD60 uses DLP display technology. And Epson 5050UB uses 3LCD display technology. And we all know LCD projector is brighter than DLP.

Epson 5050UB has a better dark level in the image than Optoma UHD60. About this, we talk later in the conversion.

Epson 5050UB has a projection image size of 50″-300″ and Optoma UHD60 have the largest projection image size of 120″. And if you stream online content on the big screen.

You will see the artifacts, to get rid of this type of issue. In the Epson 5050Ub, you will get the 12-bit Digital Imaging Processor.

In the Epson 5050UB, you will get the 3D images option. I use the DLP 3D Glasses (Amazon) to see the 3D effect and it’s looking good as a 3D image. I didn’t get any cons. Official Optoma UHD60 doesn’t support 3D images.

And the main benefits of go with the Epson 5050 UB. You will not get the rainbow effect on the screen. And if you are sensitive to the rainbow effect, you will get the rainbow effect on Optoma UHD60.

If I say in summary for the image quality. In the Epson 5050UB, you will get a great HDR image. With a good dark level and brighter image on the bigger screen than Optoma UHD60.

For the great image quality, Epson Home Cinema 5050UB (Amazon) is a winner.

Black Levels

Let’s check out which projector gives use stunning dark level in the image. Here below I am sharing some images. So we can figure out which has a better dark level.

Optoma UHD60 projected image
Optoma UHD60
Epson 5050UB projected image
Epson 5050UB
Epson 5050UB movie scene image
Epson 5050UB

After analyzing both the scene of a different movie. I got that Epson 5050UB has a better dark level than Optoma UHD60. As I told you earlier.

After comparing both scenes of the movie I got also another point. Which makes the Epson 5050UB better than Optoma UHD60. The image quality & color accuracy in dark scenes. Don’t have an over-saturated image color. And have better skin tone than the Optoma UHD60.

Let’s get back to the dark level. AS you can see in both the images. Optoma UHD60 has a less clear image in the dark scene of the movie.

On another hand, you can see in the Epson 5050UB dark scene of the movie. You will not get the over-saturated color. Images look as they should be, with no mismatched skin tone like Optoma UHD60.

And If you notice in the image you can see the object behind the movie character is seeable in the dark scene. And all these good things happen because of auto Iris. Black is super black and the bright part of the image is super bright.

Which makes the Epson 5050UB a great projector for the dark level. Epson Home Cinema 5050UB (Amazon) is the winner.

Lens Shift

Optoma UHD60 has a vertical lens shift. Which is +15 and the zoom is 1.6. When you hang your projector with the ceiling. You can adjust the projector lens angle in only one direction. It will be only +15 vertically.

And the keystone correction is also not available in the Optoma UHD60. Optoma UHD60 is not versatile for installation.

While in the Epson 5050UB you will get the lens shift vertically and horizontally. And the lens zoom is 2.1, also keystone correction is available in the Epson 5050UB.

For the installation, Epson 5050UB is more versatile than the Optoma UHD60. No matter where you put the projector in your living room or dedicated home theater.

And you can save up to 10 presets (Screen aspect ratio) in the 5050UB. And you can move from cinematic to HDTV screen aspects ratio, with no hassle.

You can easily set the projector screen angle and size. So that’s how you can see Epson 5050UB has a better lens shift setup than Optoma UHD60. Epson Home Cinema 5050UB (Amazon) is the winner.


First I try gaming on the Optoma UHD60. About I say, I don’t have good experience with the Optoma UHD60. Graphics or Image quality. It’s so dull. And I am also facing the issue of movement (Reflex) in gaming.

Optoma UHD60 has a 50.4 MS latency rate. It’s because of the High latency rate of the Optoma UHD60.

On another side. On the Epson 5050UB, the latency rate is 27 MS. Which is fluctuate between 25.8 to 26.9. The latency rate of Epson 5050UB is way lower than the Optoma UHD60. In the Epson 5050UB, you will get a great gaming experience comparison of Optoma UHD60.

As you can see below I have shared the screenshot of the game. I have played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered on the Epson 5050UB. The gaming experience was like I am playing the game on an OLED TV.

It was so good. Game graphics are great and my reflex in the game while killing the enemy was great. I don’t feel any lag.

In a nutshell, I will say the gaming winner is Epson Home Cinema 5050UB (Amazon).

Epson 5050ub gaming image
Epson 5050UB


Epson 5050UB ports
Epson 5050UB
Optoma UHD60 Ports
Optoma UHD60

In Epson 5050UB for wired connectivity option, you will get the VGA port, Two USB, USB type A, Two HDMI with the HDCP 2.2, LAN port, RS-232c, 12V trigger out.

All the ports have various purposes. Like 12V trigger port for the immediately on and off, LAN port for the wired internet connection, 4k 60 fps capable HDMI port with the digital restricted content support, USB for the firmware update and service only.

USB type A to power up the other optical HDMI. RS-232c to manipulate the projector. And VGA port to connect with the pc and the device only have the VGA port option.

In Optoma UHD60 connectivity options is Audio In/Output port, 12v out connector, USB type A, S/PIDF port, USB power out, Kensington, Two HDMI, LAN, RS232, VGA port.

There are lots of similarities between both projectors. So here I only explain what you get extra connectivity option. Kensington port to save the projector for theft and audio out/in 3.5 MM ports. S/PIDF is audio transfare port.

For the audio output, you will need the audio and video receiver for the Epson 5050UB. Read this article on external speakers to the Epson projector.

For the audio output, you will get ports and also for the theft port in Optoma UHD60. While in the Epson 5050UB you have to spend money on the audio and video receiver. So Optoma UHD60 (Amazon) is a winner for the connectivity option.

My Advice On Epson 5050UB vs Optoma UHD60

There are various reasons to go with the Epson 5050UB:-

  • The 3D option is available in the 5050UB.
  • The dark level is better than Optoma UHD60.
  • The skin tone of the movie character is good in the 5050UB.
  • The gaming 5050UB has a 25.8 – 26.9 latency rate which is lower than Optoma UHD60.
  • 5050UB have more lens shift option.
  • Artifacts free online streaming.

So these are some reasons to go with the 5050UB. 5050 UB is a winner in the comparison of Epson 5050UB vs Optoma UHD60. Epson Home Cinema 5050UB (Amazon).

Some Honorable Mention

Home Cinema 5050UB

Optoma UHD60

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