Epson 5040UB vs 5050UB, Which is best for your HC [2023]

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epson 5040ub vs 5050ub

In today’s conversion, we are going to talk about the two projectors from the Epson UB range. Epson 5040UB and 5050UB. Today we compare both projectors. On various parameters.

And know which one is best?

Here in this conversion, the major effect will be the 5050ub upgrades. And these upgrades are 100 lumens, HDMI 2.0, and HDR. And these upgrades make difference between both the projector.

So, stick to the end of the article you will know. Which is the best projector for the home cinema and why.

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Comparison Epson 5050UB vs 5040UB.


Epson Home Cinema 5040UB

Epson Home Cinema 5050UB



Lens Memory



Lens Shift

Vertical: ±96.3
Horizontal: ±47.1

Vertical: ±96.3(H center, powered)
Horizontal: ±47.1(V center, powered)

Lumens (Color&White)






Contrast Ratio



Contrast Ratio

30.9 MS

26 MS


2.0 (10,2Gbps)

2.0b (18Gbps)




Display Technology



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In both the projector Epson 5040UB and 5050UB, you will get the 2.1x zoom. Both projectors have similar throw distances.

And their lens shifting is the same vertically and horizontally. Vertical: ±96.3 & Horizontal: ±47.1.

Both projectors have powered lens memory, focus, lens shift, and zoom. The first time this powered concept comes in the 5040UB. 5030UB doesn’t have these powered features.

Let’s see how these things settings help you in your home theatre setup.

These powered focus, zoom, and lens shifting features. Help you to adjust the size and angle of the projector screen. We already know.

Here, I would like to talk separately about the Lens memory feature. Although I already talk about lens memory in our previous comparison. Epson Home Cinema 5050UBe VS 5050UB.

But this time I want to talk in detail about this feature. Some about layer and deep in menu settings. But first, see these images.

5040UB lens memory settings
Epson 5040UB lens memory settings
5040UB 10 lens memory
Epson 5040UB 10 lens memory

In both projectors, you can save up to 10 lens memory. To save the lens memory you have to find the same lens position in settings. Where you can save your various screen aspect ratio.

And after saving lens position settings. To access, these save lens positions. You have to move towards the load lens position in settings. You will get an outlook as seen in the image (all you saved lens option). And you can choose one of them according to your use.

There is another way to access the lens memory. This step allows you to directly access saved lens position settings by remote. You have to press the Lens 1 and Lens 2 buttons. To access your first and second lens position setting.

Epson remote Lens 1 & Lens 2
Epson 5040UB Lens 1 & Lens 2

And to access third to tenth lens memory settings. You have to go in menu>settings>memory>load lens positions.

That’s how you can save and access the lens memory on 5050UB and 5040UB. And it’s easy to save your settings. And easily move from 2.35:1 to 16:9. No need to set your screen aspect ratio setting, again and again.

Save and recall them when you want. Both have this ability.

In a nutshell to access and save lens memory:

Menu>Settings>Memory>Save lens positions.

Menu>Settings>Memory>Load lens positions. (Or you can directly access by buttons Lens 1 & Lens 2)

Both the projector have powered lens memory, zoom lens, focus lens, and lens shift.

Picture Quality

First, get into what are the similarities between both for the image quality. Both have 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. And their display technology is 3LCD and both have 3D features.

To check the 5040UB and 5050UB picture quality. I see the Vikings Web series on it. And also the same thing on the Sony HW45ES & Sony VPL-HW65ES.

Comparison: For the 5040UB, Sony HW45ES, and for the 5050UB, Sony VPL HW65ES. And it’s blown my mind. After seeing the series on these projectors.

Now, I know the reason why UB stands for Ultra Black. Vikings’ series theme is the black atmosphere. If you have seen you know, if don’t you should try.

I got a great sharp picture from these projectors. And the dark colour has another status. In his default settings. It’s because of the high contrast ratio.

I am impressed with both picture quality. But here extra hundred lumens of the 5050UB. Give him extra steps to go ahead from the 5040UB. In terms of bright image quality.

And after activating its pixel shifting (4k pro UHD) and HDR settings. 5050UB gave me more clear dark-level images. Better from its previous model 5040UB. And also better than Sony HW45ES & Sony VPL-HW65ES.

Thus Epson 5050UB is the winner (Amazon) in the parameter of image quality.


Epson 5050UB ports
Epson 5050UB
Epson 5040ub ports
Epson 5040UB

Both the projector (5040UB and 5050UB) have the same port interface. As you can see in the image. The only difference I get is the HDMI port. Both have two HDMI port in the 5040UB only HDMI 1 supports 4k and HDMI 2 support 1080P.

But in the 5050UB, both HDMI support 4k and which speed is 18 Gbps. It’s greater than the 5040UB, which speed is 10.2 Gbps. 7.8 Gbps less speed than the 5050UB.

And 5050 UB HDMI 1 2.0 support HDCP or restricted content. By different online platforms.

So for the connectivity, Epson 5050UB is the winner (Amazon). And the last tip for the audio output you have to buy an A/V receiver, for both.

And use the good quality HDMI cable for better image quality.

Ambient Light

I have tried both the projector in the ambient light. And they work well. I will prefer not to use the HDR settings in the ambient light. Because It will fade you to the dark level of the image.

It affects most in the 5040UB. Because it has fewer lumens than the 5050UB. By using the 4k enhancement. You can improve image quality in both the projector. In ambient light.

But in my opinion, 5050UB will work great. So Epson 5050UB is the winner (Amazon).

Home Theater

Home theater with the 150 inch screen
Home theatre with the 150-inch screen

In the term of home theatre. We have to talk about lots of aspects. We not only talk about the contrast ratio, image quality, and brightness of the projector.

These things are good with both the projector. But also you have to pay attention to the ease of use. Which projector is easy to use.

And easy to place. Both projectors can place on the shelf or table and you can hang them on the ceiling. By using the universal projector hanger.

And I have already talked about lens memory. Which helps you to set and save your screen aspects ratio in a few clicks. And this feature in both the projector.

Both projectors don’t make that much noise in the Medium and Low modes. In a high mode, they make hearable noise.

In terms of home theatre (ambient light controlled room) both projectors are good. No comment. Both can project up to 50 to 300 inches. So both have the expertise to use in your home theatre.

And they will give you a great experience.


I have compared both the projector in five parameters. In three-parameter Picture quality, Connectivity, and Ambient light 5050UB win. And other parameters have gone tied (Home Theater, Lens Shift).

So in the comparison of Epson 5050UB vs 5040UB.

Epson 5050UB is a winnner (Amazon). You will get a better dark level than 5040UB in 5050UB. And also in the 5050UB. You will get 2.0b HDMI whose speed is 18 Gbps and a brighter image than 5040UB. Also with a less latency rate, 5050UB is great for gaming.

#Opinion: 5050UB is a better projector than 5040UB. Because of those upgrades, in 5050UB done by Epson. Which enhances your viewing cinema experience.

In nutshell 5050UB is the winner. For sure go with the 5050UB, you will get the great Home Cinema Experience.

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