Can you hook up a Roku to a projector? Yes, you can use the Roku with the projector. It’s same goes for the projector. As it happened on TV. Simplyly connect the roku with the projector in the HDMI input port of the projector. And power up the Roku and projector. Choose the HDMI input port in the projector.

This is the one step to connect the Roku stick +, Roku ultra & Roku express (Amazon link) with the projector. In our today article. We will talk about it in detail. The connection between the projector and Roku devices.

And also dig how you can connect your Roku remote with the Roku projector. 

Also, talk about. If you have to connect multiple devices including Roku with the projector. And also what if you want to connect the projector and Roku with the composite cable and VGA cable. And many things.

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How to connect Roku to a projector?

Now we are at the important part of the article. Where we are gonna learn how we can connect the projector and different Roku devices. 

With the HDMI (Express, Stick, and Ultra).

First step.

  • For the Roku stick. Directly connect the stick with the projector HDMI input port. Or if you have a space problem. You can use the HDMI extender cable. To connect the Roku with the projector HDMI input port.
  • For the Roku express and ultra. For this, we will need the HDMI cable. Take an HDMI cable and start connecting with the Roku express or ultra. One end of the HDMI cable will go into the Roku express or ultra. And another will go into the projector input port.

Follow one of them. According to the device you have a Roku stick, express, and ultra. Only this step is different. 

After this step, everything will be similar no matter which Roku streaming device. You are using.

Second step.

Now power up your projector. And select the HDMI input port on the projector. In which you plug the Roku device or HDMI cable. 

And also power up your Roku streaming device. For that, you can use the power bank. Power adapter directly to the power board. Or use the powered USB port of the projector. 

Which gives power to the Roku device. After this, you will see the Roku icon on the screen.

Third step.

After successful first and second steps. You will see the Roku icon on the screen. From here you have to set up the Roku. You will get the option to connect your remote with the Roku device.

Now take your remote in your hand. And then take off the battery compartment cover. And put the battery inside that. 

You will see the green light flickering on the remote. Means your remote starts connecting with the Roku device. That is connected with the projector.

If it’s not connected. You can press the button. You will see it in the remote. When you take off the remote battery compartment cover. You will get the button. 

Press that button for five seconds. This type of remote pairing button depends upon your Roku device, some of them don’t have this button. Moving to the next step.

Fourth step.

Now you can control the settings with the remote. So, now choose the language. Connect your Roku stick with the wifi. Set the resolution. Which is compatible with the projector. 

Now you have to connect your account with the Roku stick. For that go to And sing in if you already have the Roku account. 

If not, then create an account. And add the channels you want to your Roku account. And press continue.

Come back to the projector screen. Where you get the option to link your Roku account. 

Here put the email id. Which you have used at And continue. Your chosen channel will load on the Roku device. 

Now you can start seeing. Your favourite free channels and stream Netflix and amazon prime videos.

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With the HDMI audio extractor. 

This is for those who want to extract the audio. Or you don’t want to use the projector speaker and want to connect the external speaker. 

While using the HDMI cable and want to connect the projector and the Roku device. Let’s see how. Before that, you should have this device.

  1. Connect the Roku device with the HDMI audio extractor adapter. In the HDMI input port. 
  2. Take the HDMI cable and connect that with the HDMI output. One end of the cable. And the second end of the HDMI cable will hook up with the HDMI input port of the projector. 
  3. Now one by one we will power up every device (Projector, HDMI audio extractor, and Roku device that you are using). By connecting them with the power source.
  4. If you have done all the steps correctly. You will see the Roku icon on the projector screen (For that choose the HDMI input port). Now do the instruction as it’s shown on the screen.

Lastly, you have to connect the HDMI audio extractor with the external speaker. For that, you have to check out the audio port available in the audio extractor adapter.

It could be a 3.5 mm jack, SPDIF/Optical out, or RCA ports. After knowing the audio output port available in your adapter. You can use that type of cable. 

And then you can connect the external speaker and soundbar with the HDMI audio extractor.


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Roku to VGA projector.

No worry If you have the old projector. Which have only the VGA port for the video and audio input. 

For the Roku stick, you will need a different type of VGA adapter. And different for the Roku Ultra and Roku express. 

Above one for the Roku stick and below for the Roku Ultra and Roku express.

I hope you have chosen which one you want. Let’s see how you can use them. 

  1. Now connect your Roku device with your VGA adapter.
  2. Then, connect your VGA adapter with the projector VGA input port. Then make sure. You have a VGA adapter and a Roku device that you have connected to the projector. Are connected to the power source using the USB cable. As well the projector with the help of power cable.
  3. Use the audio out port available in the VGA adapter and connect your external speaker. For better sound quality.
  4. Choose the projector VGA input port in which you have hooked up the VGA cable. Soon you will see the Roku icon on the projector screen. And follow the instructions. Which you see on the screen.

That’s how you will connect any kind of Roku device with the VGA projector. Just do two things wisely. Choose the right VGA adapter and follow all the steps carefully. 

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Wi-fi Direct connectivity

These days there are many smart TVs. But not all projectors are smart. But if you want you can make your projector smart. 

By connecting the Roku streaming device with the projector. And connect the Roku device with the wi-fi.

How to connect a Roku to a projector wirelessly? 

If you want to make the connection between the projector and Roku wireless. Then you will need the HDMI wireless kit. 

And you have to learn how you can make the connection. You can go with this IOGEAR Wireless 3D Digital Kit (Amazon Link).

Let’s know how you can make connections. 

  1. Connect your Roku device to one of the HDMI input ports of the transmitter. 
  2. Now connect the receiver with the projector. Using the HDMI cable.
  3. Now connect the transmitter, projector and receiver. With the power source to power up. 
  4. And choose the HDMI input port on your projector.

For more information and troubleshooting. You can check out the official user document.

What if I have to connect the Roku with the composite port of the projector?

For this, you need a specific Roku device. Which has the video and audio signal output through the composite cable. 

Or you can use any Roku streaming device. It is capable of HDMI output. And use the HDMI to RCA Converter. 

Let’s check out how you will use the specific Roku device and HDMI to RCA converter.

With the specific Roku device:-

  1. Use the Composite cable. To make the connection between the projector and the Roku device.
  2. Now choose the composite input port of the projector. 
  3. When you choose the composite port of the projector for the input of the Roku device signal. On the screen, you will see the Roku logo. And then instruction. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Now using the HDMI to RCA converter:-

  1. Connect any Roku device. With the HDMI to RCA converter (Amazon Link) (for the Roku express an ultra you will need the extra HDMI cable).
  2. Then the composite cable of the HDMI to RCA converter. Will hook up in the RCA input port of the projector.
  3. Now power up your Roku device, HDMI to RCA converter, and Projector. And choose rca input port in your projector.

And hence you will connect your Roku device with the projector. If you want to connect with the composite cable.

You have two options: use the specific Roku device and HDMI to RCA converter.

How to connect a Roku to a projector and receiver?

All these three devices. Will connect in this manner Roku>>HDMI>>Receiver>>HDMI>>Projector. Let’s see in detail.

  1. Connect your Roku device with the Receiver. In the HDMI input port (You will need the extra HDMI cable for the Roku Express and Roku ultra).
  2. Now take another HDMI cable and connect your HDMI cable with the receiver HDMI output port. And then with the HDMI input port of the projector.
  3. Now power up/on all your devices. With the power cable. 
  4. And choose the audio and video signal output and input port. In your receiver and projector.
  5. And if you want to connect your soundbar and the speaker. You can easily do that. Just figure out which audio output port is available in your receiver. And according to that connect your soundbar and speaker with the receiver.

If you are facing some issue. Then you can follow the following conversation, which might help you:-

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Things you should care about. While connecting the roku with the projector.

I will suggest you read this before you start connecting the projector with the Roku.

  1. If you are facing the screen flickering on the projector screen. While using the Roku on the projector. It might be the reason you are using the long HDMI cable to connect to the Roku device and projector. (If you are using the HDMI cable to connect the Roku and projector, for roku express and ultra)
  2. If your picture and sound come and go. And on the screen, you are seeing. Your projector is searching for the projector HDMI input. When you’re using the receiver for connection between Roku and projector). Then make sure your projector, Roku, and receiver. Are connected in the right manner (Roku>>Receiver>>Projector). Rather than this:-
    1. Turn off the automatic input search on your projector and receiver. Choose automatically input source port.
    2. Change the HDMI cable to a different type. 
    3. Connect directly your Roku with the projector.
  3. Make sure to use the HIGH-quality HDMI cable (Amazon Link). Which cable can handle the video resolution. Which you want to play on the projector.
  4. Roku is low-powered. Confirm that Roku is connected with the power source. Which gives the Roku a sufficient amount of power.
  5. Take care of the resolution. Don’t play the video. Which resolution does not compile with the projector native resolution.
  6. Also, take care you have selected the right input for the Roku signal input. On your projector.
  7. If you are using the Roku device. That can play the 4k video. It’s good but. Confirm that your projector and cable can handle the 4k video resolution. And if you are using the receiver between the projector and Roku. The receiver also should have the capability to handle the 4k video resolution.
  8. Last but most important thing. You will need a good internet connection. Because good picture quality content has high resolution.

If all these are not helpful then you can follow this digital trends article.

How to connect a Roku remote to a projector? 

Here I am going to teach the five tips on how you can connect your remote with the projector. 

  1. When first connecting your projector with the projector. On the screen, you will get the instruction to connect with the projector. If it doesn’t connect you have to press the button. That is under the cover of the battery compartment. Press that button for five seconds.
  2. If your remote is different in that you don’t have the button. Then you have to remove the battery. And again put the battery in the right direction. Inside the remote. 
  3. If you have lost your remote. Then don’t worry you can use the virtual remote. For that, you have to download the Roku remote app. And connect your phone with the same wifi. In which your Roku streaming device is connected.
  4. For this go to your projector setting. Remote and device. Then pairing a new remote. And pair your new remote. 
  5. This one is a hard reset. For that, unplug your Roku device from the power source. Wait for thirty seconds and again plug in the power source.

What if I have to connect the Roku + Blu Ray + Laptop and more?

For this type of connection, you will need the HDMI switcher. Here I will give a demonstration of the three devices Roku + Blu-ray + Laptop. 

Here we are going to connect the three devices and one projector. That’s why we will need the 3×1 switcher. 

In which one side has its HDMI input port and on the other side one HDMI output. Let’s see how you will connect.

  1. Connect all your devices (Bluray/Roku/Laptop) in the three HDMI input ports of the 3×1 HDMI switcher (Amazon Link). With the help of an HDMI cable (For the Roku you can use the HDMI extender cable if there is a lack of space). 
  2. After this, use another HDMI cable. That will be used to make the connection between the 3×1 HDMI switcher and the projector. Connect in the HDMI output port of the switcher and the HDMI input port of the projector.
  3. Power up your 3×1 HDMI switcher with the power cable and other devices. Also if you want you can use the audio output port available in the switcher. To connect with the external sound system. Depending upon the type of port you have available in your 3×1 HDMI switcher. On the projector choose the HDMI input port. If needed.

If you want to connect the two, four, and five devices. Then you have to buy the 2×1, 4×1, 5×1 HDMI switcher. 

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a Roku projector?

If you have a Bluetooth speaker. Then you can easily connect your speaker with the help of the Roku app. Download the Roku app on your smartphone.

For more information check out the below available video. In which everything is explained step by step.


Roku is great for streaming live tv on the projector. Or streaming the OTT platform shows. 

If you have any Roku device you can turn your boring home cinema projector into a smart projector. And you can use the apps on the projector.

And in these things, you can do so by reading this article properly. So that’s all I have to say on the “How to connect Roku to Projector”

See you next time…


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