Black projector screen vs white: Which is best for projection?

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Is the projector screen color matter for the projection? Yes, the projection surface/screen color matters a lot for a good projection. Because the projection color decides how the projected light will behave. When light fall on it.

And what its contrast should be. Contrast matters a lot when you are doing projection in the daylight

Not only in the daylight but in any type of light environment. It matters. So yes projection screen color matters a lot. 

That’s why we are going to talk about the two colors in today’s article. Those colors are the famous black projector screen vs white.

So, in this article, we talk about every aspect of these colors. Which you should know. 

Comparison between Black and white projector screen:- 

Let’s see both colors closely. And later I will tell you which one is better for which condition. 

Black projector screen

People say black is bad. Because black absorbs all light. But not that’s true in every condition.

Black color could be great depending on your place. Where you are using your projection screen.

In the light environment black screen. Standout. And those people who use their projectors in the living room. They like black so much.

Because of the black color screen. Gives you a great contrast ratio in a lighted environment. What people expect from the black color screen. 

What they want is to not always use their projector in a dark environment.

Because not everyone has a dedicated home theater room or cave. To use their projector. Except if you are rich and a home theater geek. Both at the same time. 

Reasons why the black screen is popular. Who likes to use the projector all the time in a dark environment? 

In a dark environment, the black screen absorbs all light projected on the screen. There is a flagship/premium projector screen available by Screen Innovation (SI). Called black diamond, it’s a fabulous projector screen.

Make you fall in love with the black screen. 

White projector screen

White projector screens are used for a long time in the home theater room. Because they are available in various options.

On the online market, they are available in beginner, medium, and flagship price ranges. 

The white projector screen is easily accessible to everyone. A white screen is highly recommended. To use in the light control home theater room or completely dark. 

In the light-controlled/darkroom, you will get those bright colors on the white screen. And the reflection of light will be on the ceiling.

That light is coming from the projector. That means the screen is reflecting the light properly. What supposes to happen with the white projector screen?

White screens only work better in the room. Where only projection light is available. 

But in the lighted room. It will disappoint you so badly. Because in the lighted room. Where lots of light is available. The projection will fade on the white screen.

And if you are going to buy the white projection screen. Or if you already have one. Don’t expect the dark level from the image you get on the screen. 

Even your projector has a good dark level and iris. It will be lacking on the surface. Because the white projector screen lacks the term dark level.

To use the white projector screen. I will suggest that you use it in the black room. It will give you a good projection experience on the screen.

Which is better for the projection black projector screen vs white?

Ok, until we have talked lots of things about the white and black projector screen. But still, there is one question. Which one is the best projector screen color for you? 

Here I don’t have any direct answer. Because direct answers will be unfair for the one projector screen. Because both the projector screens have their pros and cons. 

If you want the projector screen for your living room or daylight use. Then go with the black color, it will not despair you. Give you the amazing experience bright environment. 

Or you may want the projector screen for the black room. It will be great to go with the white projector screen. Because the white projector screen is perfect for a dark environment. 

If you know where you’re gonna use the projector screen. You know the answer. Which is perfect for you black or white?

Did we forget the grey projector screen? 

No, if you wanna compromise with the situation. Or you are completely messed up between the white and black projector screen.

A Grey projector screen could be an option for you. Because the gray screen is in the middle way of white and black.

Because the gray screen absorbs some light from the projector projection and also the ambient light.

So the darker part of the image stays dark in the daylight projection.

And its neutral tint shows the other color as they should be on the screen. 

But there are cons to the grey screen. Which we can’t forget. If you use the grey projector screen in the darkroom.

You see the grey hue on the screen. And the grey screen will also make your projection dimmish on the screen. The reason why you will lose the pop-up color in the image.

You lose some shadow details in the darker scene. If you will accept all things. Then a grey screen will be a good choice for the lit room.

What is projector screen black backing? 

There some white screens are available in the market which is used for those home theater setup. In which speakers are behind the screen.

The reason why projector screen material is so thin. So the sound waves can easily go through the screen toward the audience. Who is sitting in front of the screen?

For this type of screen thin black cloth is available.

In the market, it is used for blocking light to pass from the screen. It only blocks the light from passing from the screen. 

So we can get a bright image on the screen. Because until we didn’t use the black backing our light passed through the screen.

And it’s a waste of projector lumens. It’s good to use the black backing for our screen.


So, what we learn from our today article. The projector screen color depends a lot to get good projection quality on the screen.

Bad choice of projector screen color. Can destroy your projection experience. And this guide will help you a lot to choose the projector screen color. 

And there is no exact answer of which is better for projection black projector screen vs white. So good luck choosing the projector screen color.

See you next time…

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