Top 15 Best ultra short throw projector for 2023 [4k UST]

Last updated by Nitish_Lakra on January 14, 2023

best ultra short throw projector

Don’t have the big spaces to fit a long throw projector. And have a bright room. To place the projector.

And you’re looking for the solution. Then here I have some best ultra short throw projectors. You can think about buying.

No matter what your purpose is to buy the projector. Going to watch movies in the bright living room.

Or looking for the best UST gaming projector. If you don’t have a big budget. 

I will take care of that. Here we have the 15 best ultra short throw projectors

So you will get various options. Stay tuned till the end.

15 Best ultra short throw projector.

  1. Epson LS500 (Our Pick)
  2. Hisense L9G (Glossy Finish, SDR, HDR)
  3. BenQ V7050i (HDR, Bright Room, Design)
  4. XGIMI Aura 4K UHD (Easy Setup, Good color accuracy)
  5. SAMSUNG SP-LSP9T (Electronics focus & Keystone Correction)
  6. Optoma CinemaX P2 (Smart fit feature)
  7. WEMAX Nova (Premium Design)
  8. JMGO U2 (Very Silent, 3d Sound)
  9. Epson EpiqVision LS300 (During the day)
  10. LG HU85LA (Razor Sharp Image)
  11. Vava 4k UST projector (60 watt speakers)
  12. Optoma GT5600 (Budget)
  13. JMGO O1 (Cheapest)
  14. Xiaomi Mijia Laser projection TV (Living room, Affordable)
  15. Epson Home Cinema LS100 (Low boot time)

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TLDR:Our Pick


If you want to don’t hassle in finding the best ultra short throw projector. You can do one thing.

You can go with my recommendation. If your budget is under $4000.

And my recommended best UST projector is Epson LS500 (Amazon Link). And there are various reasons for that:-

  1. Usable in the daylight. Because Epson LS500 has 4000 ANSI lumens. Highest lumen rating in UST projector.
  2. And its input lag is 13 ms and 19 ms. Which is very low. Which makes this projector perfect for gaming.
  3. The colors are a little bit off. On the Epson ls500. Because of its higher brightness. But you won’t notice. Good for movies.
  4. It has a laser light source. So, it has 20,000 hours of life.
  5. Support 3D. But you will need shutter glasses.
  6. Have an HDMI 2.0 version. To receive high-resolution content.
  7. For audio output. You will get the HDMI arc. Which is provide you with the highest possible audio quality. Or you can use a mini jack.
  8. Instant on/off.
  9. You will get the Android TV and Google assistant. As smart feature.
  10. Advance HDR processing.
  11. Dynamic contrast ratio is 2,500,000:1.
  12. It’s an native 1080p resolution projector. Use pixel shifting. To project 4k image.

List of best ultra short throw projector or Best laser TV. 

Epson LS500 (Brightest, Gaming, Movies)

Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS500
Credit: Chris Majestic

Key Features:-

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, HDMI (ARC), Stereo
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Brightness: 4000 ANSI lumens
  • Smart Features: Android TV, Google Assistant
  • Built-in speakers: 2×10 watts
  • Screen Size: 120
  • In Put Lag: 13 ms and 19 ms 

Epson LS500 (Amazon Link) comes with a throw ratio of 0.28. For the 100-inch screen. You have to put it 15 inches away from the screen. 

And for the 120-inch screen. You have to place the projector 20 inch away from the screen.

For the setup of the screen, this projector has digital zoom and keystone correction.

Which allows you to set up the projected image very easily on the screen.

Epson LS500 has an android tv os. And it also comes with the Epson dongle. Which is already connected to the projector.

To see that you can take off the front cover of the speaker. 

Other ultra-short throw projectors have eye protection. But this projector does not come with eye protection.

Which could be a bad thing for you. If you have a toddler in your home. 

Epson LS500 has different picture settings. That allows you to watch images in various color saturations. 

Those picture settings are Cinema, Bright Cinema, Gaming, and Dynamic.

Personally, I like the Bright cinema mode. You can choose according to your preference. 

Because this projector is using 3LCD technology and a laser light source.

Its colors are brighter than any other projector on our list. This is the brightest projector on our list with 4000 ANSI lumens.

Which makes this projector the brightest projector on our list. 

With the alr projector screen for UST projector. You can use this projector in any light-condition room

Literally, any condition room with light.

Its HDR is good. But not the greatest. Generally, HDR images get dim. But with this projector, you won’t feel like this.

And the black levels are also not that great. 

Gaming on this projector. Is just phenomenal. It’s a ultra short throw projector.

And it has 13 ms with 4k, 19 ms with 1080p. Which makes this projector the best for gaming on our list.

3d: When it comes to 3d in the projector. Normally you get a dull image. But there is nothing like that.

With the 4000 ANSI lumens. You will get a bright image. It’s best for the 3d.

This projector inbuilt speaker is crap. I will not tell you to rely on these projector speakers.

I will suggest you go with the external soundbar for this Epson projector.

Its fan is noisy at a hundred per cent brightness. But it will reduce when you reduce the brightness to 90% or less.

But you can avoid this thing. Because this projector is the brightest. It’s an obvious thing in the bright projector.

You can buy this with an ALR screen or without an ALR screen.


  • Gaming is just phenomenal.
  • The picture is bright and the colour is beautiful.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Comes with 4000 ANSI lumens.
  • Have an android TV.
  • Recommended for ambient light or bright room.


  • Black level is not that great.
  • Fan noise.
  • Design.
  • No eye protection.

Hisense L9G (Glossy Finish, SDR, HDR)

Key Features:-

  • Connectivity: HDMI (eARC), USB, Coax for TV, Optical, Digital Analog
  • Resolution: 4K Native
  • Brightness: 3000 lumens
  • Smart Features: Android TV.
  • Built-in speakers: 40W Dolby Atmo
  • Screen Size: 120 inches
  • In Put Lag: 34.7 game mode, 4k 60 Hz 31.0 ms

Hisense L9G (Amazon Link) is available in two different variants. 100 inch and 120 inch projector screen.

The screen comes along with the projector. This projector is focused is fix in the 100 inches to 120 inches.

So it’s easy to set up this projector. This projector can projector 100 inches from 9 inches.

This projector comes with a black glossy finish. Hisense L9G projector comes with the android tv os.

Which support many apps. Which you get built in this projector. But Netflix is missing there.

For that, you can follow our article on how to play Netflix on a projector.

The image quality is super bright. And the colors are very accurate. If you have an ALR UST screen

Then you can use this projector in the daylight with the window open. Without worrying about losing the image quality.

Its SDR and HDR are great. But the black levels are lacking. Black scenes of the movie look grey.

You will get various image setting options. One of them, VIVID, looks good to me.

Gaming on this projector is just amazing. Because latency is low and it supports native 4k 120 Hz.

Which makes the gaming experience smooth on this projector. If your native 4k gaming console.

Then this is the best native 4k gaming ust projector. It comes with the 40w Dolby atmos speakers. Which sounds very immersive.

The best thing about the audio output in this projector is WISA support.

You can connect the speakers who support wisa. Like Platin Monaco 5.1 with WiSA SoundSend (Amazon Link).

WISA is a wireless sound association. Which helps the wireless speakers device to connect with the supported device.

For the Dolby atmos audio output. This projector has an HDMI eARC port. 

Using that you can also connect this projector with the soundbar and av receiver.


  • Gaming at 4k 120hz.
  • Usable in harsh ambient light conditions.
  • Fixed focus.
  • Support WISA.
  • Have an HDMI eARC.
  • The image colour is accurate.


  • Nothing to say.

BenQ V7050i (HDR, Bright Room, Design)

Key Features:-

  • Connectivity: USB 3.0 Type A, 3.5mm Audio, HDMI (eARC), D-Sub, RS-232, Optical
  • Resolution: True 4K
  • Brightness: 2500 ANSI
  • Smart Features: Android TV
  • Built-in speakers: 5×2 watt
  • Screen Size: 123″
  • In Put Lag: 91 ms with 1080p, 74.8 with 4k
  • 3D: Yes.

When you first power on this projector. Its lens cover went back. So the projector lens appeared.

It looks pretty cool. It’s safety for the projector lens from the dust.

Otherwise, you have to clean the projector lens.

For the setup, you will get the scale. That you can pull out from the backside of the projector.

It’s a little bit tricky to set up this projector. But you can do that by reading the user guide. Which tell you how far and at what height. You should place projector.

For the apps, you will get the BenQ smart stick. Which you can connect to the HDMI input port. And use a micro USB port. 

To power up the stick.

Most streaming platform apps are available on the projector. But Netflix was missing. For that, you can follow our article Netflix on the projector.

With ceiling lights on and windows open. If you are using the ultra short throw projector alr screen. Then the image colour you will get on the screen.

Will pop. And even on the 100 inch screen projected image colour and brightness is maintained. In the bright room.

HDR tone mapping in BenQ V7050i 4K Laser TV (Amazon Link) is great. Normally you will not get in another UST projector.

Black levels are not that good. They look dark grey in the black scene of the movie.

BenQ does not promote this projector as a gaming projector. And you will get a high input lag in this projector.

This projector isn’t meant for gaming. 

In front of the projector. You will get two 5 watt speakers. Which sounds clear and crisp.

But they are not loud. Thankfully this projector has HDMI eARC and an optical port.

Which allows you to connect this projector with the soundbar. Read our article on the best soundbar for the projector.

On the normal mode, this projector makes lots of fan noise. In the eco mode, this projector is very quiet.


  • Useable in the bright room.
  • HDR tone mapping is great.
  • The colours are accurate.
  • The design is great.
  • Picture quality looks good in a bright room.
  • Value for money.


  • Gaming is not that great.
  • Black levels are not good.

XGIMI Aura 4K UHD (Easy Setup, Good colour accuracy)

Credit: Youthman

Key Features:-

  • Connectivity: HDMI (ARC), 3.5mm, USB, WiFi and Bluetooth, Optical, LAN port
  • Resolution: 4K UHD
  • Brightness: 2400 ANSI Lumens
  • Smart Features: Android TV OS, Voice assistant
  • Built-in speakers: 60W Harman Kardon
  • Screen Size: 150″
  • In Put Lag: 34 ms to 35ms
  • 3D: Yes

XGIMI Aura 4K UHD (Amazon Link) size is very big. The setup in this projector is very easy. Because this projector has electronic zoom features.

And 8 points keystone correction. That you can control with the remote. 

This projector has 2400 ANSI lumens. Which makes this projector capable of use in the presence of an ambient light room.

Images are pretty bright and sharp in the presence of any type of ambient light. The colours are bright.

This projector colour covers 80 per cent of CIP3 and rec 700.

The image looks perfect with the UST ALR screen (Amazon Link). Gaming on this projector also looks amazing and the experience is smooth.

 Because the HDR image looks great. And because of the 35ms for 1080p 60Hz with 35ms and 4k 60hz 34 ms.

Casual gamers can play soothing games on this projector. Without any worry.

Use the active shutter 3d glasses (Amazon Link). To watch 3d movies on this projector. 


  • Best for gaming with low input lag.
  • Perfect for the use lights.
  • Colour coverage is accurate.
  • No need to buy external speakers.


  • Nothing to say.

SAMSUNG SP-LSP9T (Electronics focus & Keystone Correction)

Key Features:-

  • Connectivity: HDMI (eARC), Optical, USB, RS-232, Coax port (It has built in tv tuner)
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Brightness: 2800 lumens
  • Smart Features: Google, Alexa, Samsung Tizen Os and Bixby
  • Built-in speakers: 40 Watt
  • Screen Size: 130-inch
  • In Put Lag: 47.3ms

SAMSUNG SP-LSP9T (Amazon Link) can project a 100 inch screen. From the 4.5 inches away from the screen. 

That means you do not need to adjust your tv table or stand. To install the projector.

This projector comes with the electronics focus and 15 points keystone correction.

Which makes this projector image super easy to adjust. Over the screen.

It comes with the tizen os of Samsung. Which support most of the streaming platforms you know.

And they perform well. For the picture mode, you will get the movie, standard and dynamic. I would like to mention.

A dynamic mode for the daytime. And standard mode is for most of the time. I don’t like movie mode. Because it adds a little bit of a yellow tint to the image.

Black levels on this projector are not that great. But this projector provides good shadow details. Which you don’t see in other UST projectors.

It’s HDR mode is good and provides you with a high detail image.

Its input lag is 47.3 ms. Which makes it comfortable for gaming. 

In this projector, 40 watt speakers sound good. If you do not care about the built in projector sound system. Samsung acoustic sound technology.

But you care about sound quality. I will suggest buying a cheap soundbar for your projector.

When you will boot up this projector. You may hear some loud sounds. But after some time that will disappear.

Even with the brightest mode. Its fan does not produce that much noise.  


  • It has a tri-colour laser light source.
  • The fan is quiet.
  • Gaming is good.
  • Setup is pretty easy.
  • Works great with ALR screens.
  • Put just 4.5 inches away from the screen.


  • Black levels are not that deep.

Optoma CinemaX P2 (Smart fit feature)

Key Features:-

  • Connectivity: HDMI, USB, Ethernet, Stereo
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
  • Brightness: 3,000 ANSI lumens
  • Smart Features: SmartFIT app, Alexa and Google
  • Built-in speakers: 40W Dolby Digital 2.0
  • Screen Size: 120
  • In Put Lag: 50 or 66.8 ms

Optoma Cinemax P2 (Amazon Link) is an upgraded version of the P1. There are a lot’s great and bad things to talk about about this projector.

You can use this projector on the normal screen. Or for better performance. You can go with the proper UST projector screen.

Optoma P2 comes with the DLP projection technology. RGBRGB 6 which makes sure you get great colour accuracy.

While watching movies and playing games on this projector. In the cinema mode of this projector. You will get it.

Balanced amount of colour and brightness. On the P2 HDR and SDR look amazing.

Without any doubt. If you have active 3d glasses. You are lucky this projector supports 3d.

Although input lag is high on this projector for the hardcore gamer. But using the game mode available on this projector. 

Make it a little bit easier to play games on this projector.

Installation is easy because of the smart fit feature on this projector. It’s a smart projector.

It has a stripped down version of the android. Aptoide. Which don’t provide a good quality app and video playing experience.

On this projector. You have to connect roku or firestick with the Optoma p2.

This projector comes with 40 watt Dolby speakers. Which sounds great. And good for the small living rooms.

If you don’t have the budget for the Samsung lsp9t. I will suggest going with the Optoma Cinemax P2.


  • Comes with movie and gaming modes.
  • Colour accuracy is great.
  • Comes with good speakers.
  • Installation is easy.


  • Aptoide making things fuzzy.

WEMAX Nova (Premium Design)

Credit: JoelsterG4K

Key Features:-

  • Connectivity: HDMI (ARC support), USB 2.0, 3.5mm Audio, RJ-45 ethernet LAN, S/PDIF, Composite Video, Wifi
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Brightness: 2100 ANSI lumens
  • Smart Features: Android TV 9.0, Google Assistant
  • Built-in speakers: 30W Dolby Audio DTS
  • Screen Size: 150”
  • In Put Lag: 40ms

Wemax nova (Amazon Link) is made of plastic but it feels very premium. This projector can project a 103-inch screen.

From 11 inches away from the screen. And the installation of this projector is very easy. 

Because this projector comes with the 4 point keystone correction

You can connect your phone with this and transfer all your details to this projector.

This projector is a smart ultra short throw laser projector. And its android tv format is 9.0.

Which makes this projector better than the Aptoide based projector. 

Disney, Vudu and ESPN etc. You will already get in this projector. This feature competes with the smart tv on the market.

I played some 4k youtube videos on this projector. And the picture was bright and vivid.

And also high detail pictures. In size, this projector is smaller than the vava 4k projector.

Wemax nova comes with the 30w speaker. Which sounds great. In small rooms. It will sound great.

You will not need any external projector speakers. Here I have some screens. Suggestion for this ultra short throw projector.

You can buy from one of these:-

  1. Akia Screens CLR & ALR Projector Screen
  2. Elite Screens Aeon CLR Series


  • High detail image.
  • The speakers sound very good.
  • Looks are premium.
  • Android TV is smooth.


  • Does not have a lens shift.
  • Pixels burn out.

JMGO U2 (Very Silent, 3d Sound)

JMGO U2 4K TriChroma Ultra Short Throw Laser TV Projector
Credit: All Things Tech

Key Features:-

  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, LAN, HDMI (ARC), USB, DC, Bluetooth
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (4K)
  • Brightness: 2400 ANSI Lumens
  • Smart Features: Eye Protection
  • Built-in speakers: Dual 16W Dynaudio
  • Screen Size: 80″-120″
  • In Put Lag: 42ms to 66.6ms

JMGO U2 (Amazon Link) is most beautiful looking projector in out list. This projector is completely made of the aluminum. Which give the JMGO U2 very nice design.

This projector is very silent. While using the JMGO U2 rarely. You will hear any sound fan noise from the projector.

It has lumens rating of 2400 lumens. Which help this projector to produce bright image. In any light condition.

JMGO claim that it’s 16 watt dual audio speaker support 3D sound. I don’t know about that. But this projector sound pretty good.

It’s image quality is very good. And colors are accurate. Because this projector is native 1080p projector. But us pixel shifting technology to project 4k image.

And this projector has tri colour laser light source technology.

This projector is quite tough to setup. Because there is no setting to adjust the image.

JMGO U2 also has eye protection feature. To protect your eyes. If you accidently come in front of the projection.

JMGO U2 has it’s own JMGO operating system. Which let your install various streaming app. But still I will suggest you to have streaming device for your projector.


  • Made of aluminum.
  • Work in any light condition.
  • Image is great and also colour.
  • Good in built speaker.


  • Hard to setup the projector.

Epson EpiqVision LS300 (During the day)

Key Features:-

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, HDMI (ARC), Servicing port, optical port 
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Brightness: Colour and White 3600 lumens
  • Smart Features: Built-in Android TV
  • Built-in speakers: 2.1 Sound by Yamaha
  • Screen Size: 61-120 inches
  • In Put Lag: 50ms

So here we have an Epson EpiqVision LS300 (Amazon Link). It’s a great projector to use at 2 pm during the day.

If you have alr projector screen. Because this projector comes with the colour and white brightness.

Even with the lot’s of ambient light on alr screen. It performs well. 

This projector comes with the android tv built in. Which support most of the major apps.

For streaming web series and watching movies.

And for the best image quality output. LS300 comes with various image quality settings.

For the audio output, this projector also comes with various audio outputs

So you can enjoy audio output without any external speakers and soundbars.

Its speakers are powered by the Yamaha. You can use this projector as a Bluetooth speaker. In only speaker mode.

For safety purposes. This projector is also supported. Sense when someone comes in front of the laser light source. 

It will automatically turn off. I will not recommend this projector for the hardcore gamer.


  • Various sound output setting options.
  • Many image projection settings.
  • Speaker is powered by Yamaha.
  • The image is great in every condition.


  • Not recommended for hardcore gamers.

LG HU85LA (Razor Sharp Image)

Key Features:-

  • Connectivity: HDMI, Bluetooth, 3.5mm Audio, USB 2.0, USB type-c, Optical, Ethernet, Coax for tv
  • Resolution: 4K UHD
  • Brightness: 2700 ANSI
  • Smart Features: LG ThinQ AI, LG’s webOS, Alexa, 
  • Built-in speakers: 10 watt
  • Screen Size: Up to 120″
  • In Put Lag: 

LG HU85LA (Amazon Link) officially can project up to 120 inches. But you can go up to a 135 inch screen.

The image will be a little bit soft. But normal people like you would not notice this difference.

This projector comes with the dlp projection technology and a laser light source.

Which helps this projector to a very bright colour and razor sharp image. For images, you will get different image settings.

To get the best image quality on the screen. I will suggest getting the UST projector screen.

This projector has a 10 watt speaker that isn’t loud. But it’s crystal clear.

For the great cinematic and gaming. I will suggest getting the premium or budget soundbar for this projector.

Because this projector comes with the HDMI eARC. So it’s easy to connect the soundbar with the projector.

To get the most audio from the movies and gaming. This gaming is also good. It comes with gaming mode.

Which makes the gaming experience on this projector very smooth.

I would like to say that this projector is a true smart projector. Because it comes with the LG web os.

Which UI is very responsive. And support most of the streaming platforms.

Setup is also easy to connect this projector with video and power source. 

And try to set this projector on the screen. Use the focus dial on this projector. 


  • The throw ratio is very short.
  • Comes with DLP and Laser Technology.
  • Have an LG WebOS.
  • Razor sharp image.


  • Don’t have 3d.
  • Don’t have keystone correction.

Vava 4k UST projector (60 watt speakers)

Key Features:-

  • Connectivity: HDMI, USB, 3.5 mm, Optical, Ethernet, Wifi
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Brightness: 2500 ANSI Lumens
  • Smart Features: Aptoide.
  • Built-in speakers: Harman Kardon (60W)
  • Screen Size: 150 ”
  • In Put Lag: 100 ms

When I first looked at the projector. My impression was wow. It’s very big and its white colour and grey fabric look great on this projector.

This projector comes with the aptoide to access the app. But it’s very buggy. When I try to play youtube and Netflix.

I got an error: The device does not support this. To access both apps you can connect your projector with the firestick.

Or connect the projector with the Roku stick. This projector comes with a laser light source. And DLP chip technology.

It’s a native 1080p projector but it uses pixel shifting for the 4k. The colour on this projector. It looks cool.

And other things with the image are good. HDR on the projector is good. But the lack of black levels.

However, because of the high brightness of the projector. It gives the illusion of having a improved black levels.

VAVA 4k UST projector (Amazon Link) comes with an electronic focus and keystone correction.

But still, it’s a tricky job. To set up this projector. Make sure your ceiling is a little bit high.

Because you will need the screen at a certain height. 

I will not prefer this projector for gaming only because of the input lag. Otherwise, the picture quality is good.

If you are not interested in buying the external speakers. No worry this projector will work great for you. 

Because it comes with the Harman Kardon 60w. And it sounds very clear and loud.


  • Laser light source.
  • Brightness.
  • Great speaker
  • Good design.


  • Tricky to install.
  • Aptoide is trash.

Optoma GT5600 (Budget)

Optoma GT5600
Credit: Mark Spurrell

Key Features:-

  • Connectivity: 3.5mm Audio, Wi-Fi, VGA, HDMI, USB
  • Resolution: 3,600 lumens
  • Brightness: 1080p
  • Smart Features: MIRRORING
  • Built-in speakers: 16W speaker
  • Screen Size: 100 inch
  • In Put Lag: 15.7 and 25.8 ms

If you ultra short throw projector buying intention. But your budget is very tight. And looking for an affordable option.

Let me introduce you to the Optoma GT5600 (Amazon Link). It’s a very affordable UST projector on our list.

But you don’t need to compromise with the performance. It’s a native 1080p projector. It also supports 3d but requires glasses.

Let’s talk about the normal picture projection from this projector. This projector on the wall looks good.

But you want most from the projector. Then I will suggest you go and buy the UST projector screen. Something like this Elite Screen.

Which supports ALR and also UST projector.

With the 13 bulb on and 10 to 12 feet away from the projector. On the 120 inches. The screen image looked great.

I have tried some youtube videos from youtube. And the image was not looking washed out.

This projector comes with the easy image setup option. Which makes auto adjust the corners.

So the installation and setup can be easy for you. Still, it takes 15 minutes to set up the projector.

But I think it’s fair enough. You can also consider this projector for gaming because.

Its input lag is 15.7 ms to 25.8 ms.


  • Works great with many lights.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Input lag is very low.
  • Plenty of brightness in this projector.
  • Support 3D.


  • Not a laser projector.
  • A fan is hot.

JMGO O1 (Cheapest)

JMGO O1 Ultra Short Throw Projector
Credit: TechDaily

Key Features:-

  • Connectivity: HDMI, S/PDIF, RJ45, USB
  • Resolution: Native 1920*1080P
  • Brightness: 800
  • Smart Features: Luna OS
  • Built-in speakers: Yes
  • Screen Size: 80″-100″
  • In Put Lag: 30ms

JMGO O1 projector (Amazon Link) is the cheapest UST projector in out list. This projector is not only good for your pocket.

But this projector is also very easy to setup. This projector comes with the auto focus mode. And you don’t need to put much effort to setup the JMGO O1.

Also to control this projector. There is two option using the remote and using the JMGO app. I found the JMGO app more convenient then the remote.

JMGO O1 is made of the plastic and aluminum. Give this projector premium look. Which I appreciate a lot.

This projector has speakers. Which are great for the normal size room. You can place this projector 14 inch away from the screen or wall.

JMGO O1 can project up to the 100 inch screen. You can place more closer then the 14 inch. 7 inch you will get the 70 to 80 inch big screen.

I have used this projector on the wall. And image quality was good. It has 1080p resolution natively. JMGO O1 has lumens 800.

Which is not big number for any UST projector. But this projector perform well in the moderate light condition. And also colors were good.

This projector has LUNA OS. Which remind you off android. In this projector you will get various streaming app on JMGO O1.

I use netflix app on this projector. And netflix quite well in this projector. Even netflix is not design to work on device like this.


  • Cheapest UST projector.
  • Image quality is good.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Speakers are good.
  • Look good.


  • Nothing to say.

Xiaomi Mijia Laser projection TV (Living room, Affordable)

Xiaomi Mijia Laser projection TV

Key Features:-

  • Connectivity: USB, HDMI
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Brightness: 5000 lumen 
  • Smart Features: Voice Assistant, Android tv
  • Built-in speakers: Yes.
  • Screen Size: 150″
  • In Put Lag: N/A

If you want to project a quick big image in the living room. At a very affordable price.

I highly recommend this projector. With alr screen in the living room.

Xiaomi Mijia Laser projection TV (Amazon Link) can replace your normal tv in the living room.

This projector comes with an Android TV. I play Aquaman from the Vudu.

But the image was not that great. Directly from the projector android tv.

That’s why I connected this projector with the Roku. And try to watch Aquaman from the Vudu.

And the image was better from the external source.

This projector does come with a speaker. It did a pretty good job.

For the installation, you will get the 8 points keystone correction. But don’t overdo it. It will trim the pixels.

Its picture is punchy and doesn’t fade in the ambient light. Its projection technology is DLP.

Comes with laser light technology.


  • Have a keystone correction.
  • Have a laser light source.
  • Work well in the bright room.
  • The speakers are good, not great.


  • The picture is not well over time.
  • If you are unlucky you might get the Chinese version.

Epson Home Cinema LS100 (Low boot time)

Epson Home Cinema LS100
Credit: AVForums

Key Features:-

  • Connectivity: 3x HDMI, VGA
  • Resolution: Full HD
  • Brightness: 4,000 lumens
  • Smart Features: N/A
  • Built-in speakers: N/A
  • Screen Size: 10′ diagonal
  • In Put Lag: 30ms

Epson Home Cinema LS100 (Amazon Link) comes with 3LCD technology and has a light source. So it boots very quickly.

And can provide you with a very large image from a very short distance.

The picture quality is not great but good. On this projector. Motions are great.

Black levels are very poor on this projector. I will not recommend going with this projector.

If you’re looking for the deep black levels on the projector. Brightness is good. Which allows you to use this projector.

In the ambient light room.


  • Good image.
  • Only for the casual people.
  • Provide a big screen from a short distance.


  • Poor black levels.

Is an ultra short throw projector worth it?

Yes, it’s worth it. When you don’t have a big room to set up the home theatre. And have the room. Which is full of ambient light.

Or you don’t hassle with wire and the ceiling installation of the projector.

And want an simple solution. That you can just put in front of the projector screen. 

And you can projector something on it. If you’re in this type of situation. And your budget allows you to go with a UST projector.

I will suggest you go with the Ultra Short Throw projector. UST projector good replacement of the normal TV.

Do ultra short throw projectors need a special screen? 

Yes, if you want optimal performance from your projector. Then you have to spend on the special screen for the ultra short throw projector.

Because, before the UST projector project, something on the screen. The image is very processed.

UST projectors do lots of lens processing. To project from such a short distance.

If you are interested in buying a motorized screen. Follow this article for the best motorized projector screen.

Or want some best projector screen for ultra short throw projector. You can checkout on collections.

How to choose the best Ultra Short Throw Or UST projector? 

So, we have the 15 best UST projector. Later we talked in detail. But which ultra short throw projector is optimal for you? 

Let’s know how to choose them according to your condition. 

Let me clear you. You have to spend at least $1000 or $1100 to get the best UST projector.


For the connectivity. First, look at what type of devices you have. And what type of input and output they have.

For example: If you have the Av receiver, PS4/5, Wii, Apple TV and DVD blu-ray player.

For all these devices you will need the HDMI input or output to connect with the ultra short throw projector.

And to make connections between speakers and sound bars. You should look for audio output from the projector.

Like AUX, Optical and HDMI ARC etc. So you can connect your Soundbar or speaker with the projector.

Smart Features 

Many UST projector comes with the android tv os. So you can stream or watch the OTT platform content.

With just a few clicks. Directly from the projector. So if you don’t want to invest in any streaming sticks. 

Go with the ultra short throw projector. Which supports your favorite stream provider in-built.

Also UST projector have wireless connection like mirroring for iOS and Android. And they also have voice assistant Alexa and Google. For voice command.

You can consider the eye protection too.


In the list, you will only get the projector. Which have the 1080p and 4k projector.

Both are great options. But if you want to learn more about the difference between them. Follow this article 4k vs 1080p projector.


Most people buy the UST projector. Because they want to use their projector in the ambient light. Like the TV.

If your intention is something like this. Then I will suggest going with the projector. Which support ANSI lumens.

So your projector can perform well in the ambient light. Specifically, I will suggest going with the 2500 to 3000 ANSI lumens.

If you don’t understand. What is ANSI? I will suggest reading this article Lux vs Lumens.

Built-In Speakers 

We all know that projector-inbuilt speakers are not that great. But ultra short throw projectors are something different.

UST projectors are made to compete with the TV. That’s why the projector manufacturer is collaborating.

With some best audio companies to provide the best audio output from the projector.

So look at the projector speaker type. How good they are at providing good audio output.

Or you can buy the speaker or soundbar for your projector. 

Follow our best speaker and soundbar recommendation:-

  1. Best soundbars for the projector.
  2. Best speakers for the projector.


UST projectors are not easy to set up. Or to focus the whole image on the screen. 

So, look at the projector description. They are easy to set up. And what features the projector has.

To make the installation process easy.

Conclusion: Best ultra short throw projector.

I hope you get the optimal ultra-short throw laser projector for your living room or home theatre.

That you can use it in the presence of a bright room. Even in harsh ambient light conditions.

By using the ultra-short throw projector. You can get rid of the hassle of the different connection wires.

Because ultra-short throw projectors act like the TV. That’s why this type of projector is also known as laser tv.

Most UST projector supports android tv os. The reason you don’t need any external device to watch any movie and stream.

You can also connect the tv cable to the projector. Because they also have a Coax port.

And you don’t need to connect them with external speakers or soundbar.

Because most of them have good speakers. Which is good enough for a small room.

And the purpose of purchasing the UST projector is to fit in the small.

So the mission is to replace the normal tv. With the laser tv or UST projector is accomplished.

See you next time…

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