Top 6 Best streaming Devices for projector 2023 [You should try]

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best streaming device for projector

Want to know what are the best streaming device options available for the projector?

That you can use to reach exciting content. Through the internet in the projector.

Then here I have the best streaming devices option available for the projector.

You can consider purchasing. You can choose according to your content or streaming platform needs.

In this article, I will also talk about other than streaming devices. What are the good options for video and media streaming?

You should try.

But first, let’s know what is a streaming device.

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Best streaming Devices for projectors.

So, these are some best streaming devices for your projector. You can choose:-

  1. Roku streaming stick plus
  2. Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device
  3. Chromecast with Google TV
  4.  Nvidia shield pro
  5.  Apple TV 4k 
  6. TiVo stream 4k 

Review of best-streaming devices, boxes, and stick for the projector.

From, here you will learn one by one about the best streaming device for projectors.

Roku Streaming Stick+ 

Roku Streaming Stick+ 
Credit: Roku

Key Features:-

  • Resolution: HD/4K/HDR
  • Voice Assistant: Yes
  • Connection: HDMI and Wifi
  • Remote: Yes

Roku streaming stick plus (Amazon Link) is one of the most famous streaming stick devices. To stream any content from the OTT platform.

You can easily connect with your projector. Using the HDMI input port. 

And to power up your Roku stick. You will get two options. You can power up your stick with the USB port in your projector.

Make sure that the USB port is for powered purposes. Or you will get the USB adapter. To connect with the wall outlet.

With the roku plus. You can stream content at 4k 60 fps. To get the best experience. Or set according to your projector.

And this Roku stick supports over 500,000+ streaming apps. Can be categorized as popular tv, free tv, live tv and music.

And yes also it comes with voice control by Alexa and Google.

In the package, you will get the remote. To move between different menu options.

On the remote, you will get a shortcut button for Netflix, sling, Disney and Hulu.

You can also control the menu using the Roku mobile app. So you can use your smartphone as your remote.

If somehow you lose your remote. It will be easy to control the menu options.


  • Have voice control.
  • Support HDMI port.
  • The remote app also.
  • Support 4k at 60 fps.


  • 005 Network Error. While doing set up.

Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device 

Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device 
Credit: WorldofTech

Key Features:-

  • Resolution: 4K
  • Voice Assistant: Alexa
  • Connection: HDMI & WiFi
  • Remote: Remote

And another most famous streaming stick in the market. By amazon Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device (Amazon Link).

From the projector’s perspective. It’s just amazing. It can make your dumb projector smart.

No matter which projector you have 720p, 1080p, and 4k. You can easily connect this to the projector.

No worries If you have an HDMI input port.

If you have the projector. Which does not have any audio output port. 

By plugging the firestick with the projector. You can connect your Bluetooth speaker with the firestick.

And get rid of your cheap projector speaker. Which does not sound good. 

It comes with a remote. There is no fancy or shortcut button on the remote.

Normal control buttons like play, pause, and next, etc. It also has voice control powered by Alexa. 

By using voice control. You can get rid of typing anything on the search bar. For finding anything in the menu.

Not only for searching the shows. You can ask Alexa anything. 

Using voice control. You can play 4k video content on the projector. 

But one thing I don’t like about the firestick. In the firestick home. 

Amazon tries to feed its content excessively. It could be annoying. 

If you don’t have amazon prime. It also supports Dolby’s vision. If you have a soundbar that has Dolby audio support.

You will get the best audio output. Your projector.


  • Easy to set up.
  • 4k content.
  • Remote control.
  • Alexa.


  • Amazon tries to feed their content first.

Chromecast with Google TV

Key Features:-

  • Resolution: 4K HDR with 60 FPS
  • Voice Assistant: Google
  • Connection: HDMI & WiFi
  • Remote: Yes

This is something best and great Streaming device. At a cheap price. First thing I love most about the Chromecast. 

It’s a recommendation. Its content recommendation is extremely good. In every show. You will get a like and dislike button.

By disliking and liking. The shows. Your recommendation will be better.

On google tv. You will get a universal watch list option. To save your favorite shows.

The UI layout is very clean. Than other streaming devices. You will get in the Chromecast.

The best thing about the Chromecast remote. You will get the black button. To talk with google assistant.

To ask for the shows and other normal stuff.

In the Chromecast google tv. You will get almost all your favorite streaming apps. 

The best thing about Chromecast. After the google tv update in the new Chromecast. It still supports casting. 

It’s a native feature. Which allows you to cast the content from your content.

Like the firestick. In the Chromecast google tv. You can connect your wireless speakers and headphones.

There is a lack of Netflix originals in the suggestion. It’s there but not in a big amount. 

But do not need to worry you can cast them from your android smartphone to your projector.

It also supports Dolby’s vision, Dolby’s atmos, and 4k

There is a lack of universal playback.


  • Google assistant.
  • Dolby Vision & atmos.
  • 4k.
  • Content recommendation is extremely good.
  • Remote.
  • Clean UI and Layout.


  • Lack of Netflix originals & universal playback.


Key Features:-

  • Resolution: 4K HDR
  • Voice Assistant: Alexa
  • Connection: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and HDMI.
  • Remote: Yes.

If you want a streaming device. That you can use for a streaming platform like Netflix and Disney

As well as gaming. Then Nvidia shield pro (Amazon Link). Has lots of things to offer you.

It supports android tv os. So its UI layout is very clean. And you can move between various menu options and movies.

Very smoothly.

For the video upscaling. Nvidia Shield pro. Has its own AI upscaling technology.

By using that shield pro can upscale 720p video into 1080p.

And it can upscale the 1080p video in the 4k. It does not make the picture perfect look like the original one.

But it does a really good job. It’s something different and interesting. From the other streaming devices.

For better image streaming. You will also get Dolby Vision HDR

And for great audio output, you will get the Dolby Atmos and DTS.

If you have a soundbar for the projector. Which supports Dolby or DTS audio output? 

Then it’s great to have the Nvidia Shield pro

Its hardware is very powerful. You can use shield pro as a plex server.

Now, let’s talk about gaming on this streaming device. If you have a PlayStation or Xbox.

You can connect this with the shield pro. And have a great gaming experience on the shield pro.

But make sure your internet connection is fast. To handle the games you will play on the shield pro.

Nvidia shield pros have lots of capabilities. Which you won’t get on any other streaming device.

It’s a complete package of good streaming and gaming experience.

It also has a voice control feature. Which lets you do the voice search. Which makes it easy to search.

Your favorite content. On the shield pro remote, you will get the Netflix button.

To play Netflix direct with just only a click. With the help of a remote.

Because Nvidia claims that. Netflix is the most used app in the shield pro.

Which makes it easy to play Netflix on the projector.


  • Good for streaming.
  • You can play games on it.
  • Make your plex server.
  • Google assistant.
  • Support 4k content.


  • Too expensive.

2021 Apple TV 4K (64GB)

Key Features:-

  • Resolution: 4K
  • Voice Assistant: Siri
  • Connection: Bluetooth, HDMI, Ethernet, and WiFi.
  • Remote: Yes

If you are in the Apple ecosystem. Apple TV 4k (Amazon Link) can be very useful for you.

You will get more advantages from this powerful streaming device.

You can stream videos in the 4k HDR 60 fps. Which is the highest resolution of any video.

For better performance. You will get an A12 bionic chip inside the apple tv 4k.

In the apple tv 4k, you will get the tv os. Which is very smooth and clean. You won’t feel any lag while using this device.

You will get the grid of the apps. Like the typical apps grid, you get in the Apple iPhone and iPad.

On the Apple TV, you will get the most famous apps for streaming.

Most famous voice assistants do some great jobs. In the apple tv 4k.

You can control Siri with the remote. Normally we ask our voice assistant to show some movie options.

Like “Show me some holiday movies.”

But with the Siri. You can say “Show me some good or best holiday movies”.

Siri understands very easily critically acclaimed voice notes. And the response is perfect.

While watching any shows and movies. If you want to know the cast name of that movie or show.

You can ask Siri. She will show their name on the screen. And sometimes. 

If you miss, listen to anything. While watching your favorite show.

You can ask Siri to show you. What they said. Siri will rewind the video.

And play the video again with the text.

Using the airplay you can cast anything from your iPhone. As well as using the share play. 

You can share your favorite show and movie very easily. With them.

There is a spatial audio feature available on the apple 4k tv. Using that you can connect your Apple AirPods Max (Amazon Link).

You will get the optimal audio of your playing content. You can also get the option to connect third-party speakers and headphones.

But you won’t get the best audio quality like the AirPods max. 

If you completely rely on the projector speaker. For the audio output.

You should try spatial audio with the AirPods max. Will give you an amazing sound experience.

For better audio output. You can also connect the mini home pods. With the apple tv 4k.

But for better audio quality will suggest you get the best budget soundbar for the projector.

Apple has also introduced the Siri remote (Amazon Link). Which is thicker than the last version of the Siri remote.

In this remote. You will get the physical button. In the circle. 

As well as the sensitive touch feature in the middle of the circle. Which you can set according to intention on or off.

For charging in the Siri remote. You will get a lighting charging port.

Siri doesn’t have good speech dictation on YouTube. It feels like she lost.


  • Highest video quality 4k HDR 60 fps.
  • Have a great voice assistant.
  • 12 bionic chips.
  • HDMI input port.
  • Spatial audio features.


  • Siri is not accurate with YouTube.
  • Overpriced.

TiVo Stream 4K

TiVo Stream 4K – Every Streaming App and Live TV on One Screen

Key Features:-

  • Resolution: 4K UHD
  • Voice Assistant: Google
  • Connection: Wifi and HDMI
  • Remote: Yes

I will suggest you go with the tivo stream 4k (Amazon Link). If you have good wifi or wireless connection.

Because it does not come with Ethernet. For smooth 4k video streaming at 4k 60 fps.

This streaming device runs on android tv os. Which lets you access a lot of apps.

And also you can log in to your google play store id on it. 

4k video streaming on this device is nice. But only take care of network connection.

You can play the 4k 60 fps from the supported streaming app. 

And you can also play lightweight android games. On this streaming stick.


  • Value for money.
  • Stream at 4k 60 fps.
  • Good for light weight android gaming.
  • Voice assistant and remote.


  • Not an Ethernet port.

Steps to choose the best streaming device for the projector?

Now let’s look at some important points. You should notice. While choosing the streaming device for your projector.


Native 4k is the maximum resolution in the home theatre projector. And it will give you the best experience of streaming.

On the projector big screen. If you have a 4k projector then I will suggest it.

You can go with the 4k streaming device. If you have only a 1080p projector. Which supports 4k video signals.

I will still suggest you go with the 4k streaming device. Because it will future-proof your projector setup.

Voice Assistant

If you don’t want to hassle in finding the content. By just pressing the button on the remote. 

And you want something just by voice. You can find your favorite shows and movies with your voice.

Then, you should look for features like voice assistants. Most streaming sticks support Google and Alexa.  


For the connection. Your projector must have an HDMI input port. To get the most from the video content.

If you have older versions of the projector. Which have a VGA input port. You can connect the streaming stick.

With the projector. Using converters. But you won’t get the streaming quality like the HDMI port.

Because the HDMI port is digital and the VGA port is analog.


Remote comes with most streaming devices on our list. To command the voice assistant you can use the remote.

Here in our lists. With all the streaming devices. You will get the remote. Remote makes it easy to went through the different menu settings.

And in some remotes. You will get the special buttons. For the NetflixHulu, and Disney+.

What is a streaming device?

It allows you to stream content from the online streaming platform. Some are free. 

And some are paid like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney +, etc. 

It’s also known as media streaming or video streaming devices/sticks.

You can have them on your projector. By connecting them to the HDMI input port of the projector.

Can you use a streaming stick with a projector?

Yes, you can use any streaming stick or box. With the projector. Only make sure you have an HDMI input port.

At the backside of the projector. In some special condition. HDCP complaining is important.

Or it should support the video bandwidth like 4k. And your audio system should support different audio types of output like Dolby Atmos or DTS.

For high-quality audio output. You will need the best soundbar for your projector.

For more connection guidance. You can check our comprehensive article on Roku and firestick:-

Can I stream from my phone and computer? 

Yes, you can stream from your phone and computer. By just connecting your phone and computer with the projector.

For how to connect your phone and computer. I will suggest you follow.

Following article:-

  1. How to connect a laptop or pc with the projector?
  2. Connect iPhone with the projector?
  3. Connect an android phone with the projector?

What streaming services work on a projector? 

There is various streaming service working on the projector. It depends on your streaming device.

That you connect with your projector. But in most cases Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, Disney +, sling, Vudu, etc.

Work on your projector.

What about a smart projector?

If you are going to buy the new projector. And searching for the best streaming devices for the projector.

I want to tell you. You may not need the streaming device to stream anything on your projector.

You can purchase a smart projector. Which has an in-built android tv os.

So, you don’t need to buy an external streaming stick for the projector.

You can directly play movies or shows from your projector.

By just downloading or by logging in to your favorite streaming app.

Smart projector. Make it simple to stream directly from the projector. 

If you want to buy a smart projector. Here I have two best recommendations for you:-

  1. LG HU70LA
  2. Artlii Play – Smart Projector Android TV 9.0

Conclusion: Best streaming device for projector.

If you have a normal home theatre projector. You may find that. You have a lack of content.

That you can stream or project from your projector. But now you don’t need to worry about this.

Because by connecting the streaming device or stick or box. With your projector.

You will never feel it again. You have a lack of content. That you can’t project from your projector.

The content quality will be in 4k 60 fps HDR or Dolby Vision HDR.

Which is the best video quality you will get?

And also audio will be Dolby Atmos or DTS. Which is true surround sound.

But for that, you will need the soundbar for your projector. Which supports Dolby Atmos or DTS audio output.

Not only will you get the best audio and video quality. 

You can also play games on your projector. By using the streaming devices on your projector.

So, that’s all for the best streaming device for the projector.

See you next time…

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