What’s the Best Roku for Projector? Which one is right for you.

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best roku for projector

Looking for the best streaming device for your projector. And you are confused between the different models of roku streaming device.

And want to know which one is the best Roku for the projector. Then you came to the right place.

In our today article. I will talk about the four best Roku for your projector.

And in this article. We also talk about the best projector for Roku.

But before it’s possible. There will be a question in your mind. Will Roku work with your projector?

So, let’s clear that first.

Can you use a Roku with a projector? 

Yes, you can connect your Roku with your projector. And the easiest way will be to connect directly to the Roku stick in the projector HDMI input port.

And also if you have a VGA projector. You can connect Roku with your projector using the HDMI to VGA adapter.

Also, you can use your wifi to connect the Roku with the projector wirelessly.

There are lots of other ways to connect the Roku with the projector.

If you want to learn in detail. Then I will suggest reading our brief article on how to connect Roku to the projector.

List of best Roku for the projector. 

Let’s know about the best Roku for your projector. And know which one is perfect for you.

Roku Streambar 

Key Features:-

  • Connectivity: HDMI, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB
  • Picture Quality: 4K/HD/HDR
  • Voice Control: Yes
  • Free TV channel: Yes

Roku stream bar (Amazon Link) is something that can fulfil your two types of needs. Audio as well Video.

If your projector speaker is not that great. And you also want to improve your video quality.

Both things at once. Then I will suggest you go with the Roku stream bar.

So, this Roku stream bar comes with the power supply cable, remote, batteries, HDMI and Optical cable.

Its remote comes with a voice control. Which is very important these days.

To find your favorite content. Between tons of content available in the Roku.

Its remote doesn’t have any headphone jack for private listening.

For that, you can use the Roku app. Roku stream bars support Dolby audio/atmos.

But don’t support the Dolby vision. Although the Roku stream bar supports 4k HDR content.

For the audio output from the stream bar. You will get the various audio output options.

Like bass boost and bass reduction. And many others. You can choose according to your preference.

As you want to hear. Audio coming from the stream bar is very clear.

Because in the stream bar. You will get four speakers. Two in the centre and two more at left and right. 

For the room filling. If you want to enhance the bass and the surround sound.

I will suggest that you also get a Roku Wireless Subwoofer & Speakers.

  • Dolby audio/atmos.
  • Four driver speakers.
  • 4k HDR streaming.
  • Voice control.
  • Tinny sounding.

Roku Streaming Stick+ 

Roku Streaming Stick+
Credit: Roku YTC.

Key Features:-

  • Connectivity: Built-in Wi-Fi & HDMI
  • Picture Quality: HD/4K/HDR
  • Voice Control: Yes
  • Free TV channel: Yes

Roku Streaming Stick+ (Amazon Link) is something very small. In the size of a chewing gum packet. But it comes with various mind blowing features.

Which makes your projector capable of streaming the content in the 4k HDR.

Although it doesn’t come with the Dolby vision. But to manage that there is HDR 10 available.

Which can also be considered as a good picture quality format. 

If you have a soundbar for your projector that supports Dolby atmos. 

Then you can connect your soundbar with the projector. For the huge benefits of the Dolby Atmos.

In your media room. Its user interface looks a little bit outdated. During the setup, you can connect your Roku remote.

With your projector. Which makes it easy to control your projector by just using your Roku remote.

Volume up and down. To power up the Roku streaming stick plus. You will get the antenna.

That you have to connect the Roku streaming stick.

  • Very small size.
  • 4k HDR10.
  • Dolby Atmos.
  • Remote with voice control.
  • The user interfaces are outdated.

Roku Premiere 

Key Features:-

  • Connectivity: HDMI & Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Picture Quality: HD/4K/HDR
  • Voice Control: Yes
  • Free TV channel: Yes

Roku premiere (Amazon Link) is very compact like the Roku streaming stick+. You can fit this between your hands.

As it’s compact. 

It is also very easy and straightforward to use. Just plug the power cable and HDMI output cable with the projector.

And you are ready to use the Roku premiere. It’s very powerful and you won’t feel any lag.

But make sure your wifi internet is speed. Otherwise, you may feel buffering while streaming the video from the Roku premiere.

I have tried this in the 1080p projector. And as well in the 4k projector too. 

And the image on the screen is very crisp. Its home layout is customizable. 

You can also set the screen saver mode. When you are not using the projector.

And the great thing about the apple tv. Other streaming devices like fire sticks.

Don’t have access to the apple tv. In their streaming stick. If you have to access the apple tv content. 

You have to buy the Apple TV streaming device. But if you have a Roku premiere streaming device.

You can access the apple tv content. Because of the Roku premiere support.

Apple tv app. And by installing and signing in to your apple tv account. You can access all your apple tv content.

In the Roku premiere streaming device. 

  • Support apple tv app.
  • Support 4k and 1080p.
  • Easy to use.
  • Very compact.
  • Nothing to say.

Roku Express

Key Features:-

  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi & HDMI.
  • Remote: Yes
  • Picture Quality: HD
  • Voice Control: Yes
  • Free TV channel: Yes

If your projector is just 1080p. Then this is something for you. This is a budget Roku streaming device.

It has 512 MB of space. This Roku during his fast according to its price.

And it’s app serving speed also depends on the app and the internet connection you are using.

But for the 1080p projector. This is great. It can also upscale the 720p content to the 1080p content.

It doesn’t provide great upscale. But from the normal viewer’s perspective.

It’s good. And the setup process is very easy. Just plug power and HDMI cable with the Roku express.

Then with the projector. And for the streaming content on the remote.

You will get some shortcut buttons. To use the remote properly. You have to face the remote directly towards the Roku express (Amazon Link).

  • Compact.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Activation may be charged.

List of the best projector for Roku. 

If you don’t have the projector. And I want a cheap projector. To just watch Roku in the living room.

Or in your bedroom. Then here I have some best Roku projector recommendations for you guys.

After reading the review you can make a purchase decision.

RCA RPJ133 Home Theater Projector

Key Features:-

  • Connectivity: HDMI, VGA, USB
  • Picture Quality: 1280 X 720
  • Image Size: 36″ to 150″
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 & 4:3
  • Imaging Technology: LCD

If you are new to the projector. Want to buy the projector for your Roku device. RCA RPJ133 Home Theater Projector could be your choice.

Because this projector comes with the Roku device. If you will buy this projector.

This projector is very easy to use. Connect the Roku that comes in with the projector. 

And power up your projector and Roku both. And put the projector at 8.5 feet away from the wall.

To get the 100 inch screen. Or you can get a cheap projector screen from amazon.

And try to use a projector on the projector screen. To get the image good image quality. 

This projector is only 720p natively. And I think that for the normal movie night in the dark room.

With the lights off on the cheap projector screen. You will get a good quality image.

Which is just fine for the normal streaming content on this projector.

If its speaker doesn’t sound good. Then you can invest in a cheap external projector speaker.

It does not cost you a hundred dollars.

So if you want to enjoy the movie night with family and friends. This projector is perfect for you.

Under two hundred dollars. You can get the projector, speaker and projector screen.

And does not need to spend on the Roku streaming device. You will get the streaming device in the projector box.

So this deal does not sound bad. But make sure to watch the movie from the Roku.

Your internet connection should be good. So you can stream good picture quality content.

  • Budget friendly.
  • A good option for newbies.
  • Natively 720p.
  • Easy to set up.
  • The Roku device is included in the box.
  • The Colors are a little bit messed up.

VIVIBRIGHT f10 Portable Projector

Key Features:-

  • Connectivity: HDMI, 3.5 mm, USB
  • Picture Quality: 1280x720P
  • Contrast Ratio: 12000:1
  • Life: 50,000 hours
  • Image Size: 150″
  • Speaker: 10w
  • Imaging Technology: LCD

This is another best projector for the Roku. You can consider buying. 

It’s VIVIBright f10. Which is very cheap. Anyone can afford this projector.

Let’s learn about the projector’s outer look. On both sides of the projector left and right.

You will get two speakers. Which are just fine. Or you can consider buying the new Bluetooth speakers for your projector.

On the backside of the projector. You will get the headphone audio output jack.

And two USB and HDMI input ports. You can use the HDMI input port to connect the projector with the Roku.

And also you will get a menu button at the top. And dial to adjust the image on the screen.

To power on the projector. Just plug the power cable with the projector.

And switch on the projector. In the menu get the various option. Like colour modes and picture modes.

So, you can enjoy a good quality image. With your families and friends. In your living room or outdoor.

The great thing about this projector. If you have plug the Roku to watch the movie.

Or any video source. If your projector suddenly turns off. It won’t be an issue.

Because if your projector suddenly turns off. Because of any technical and electrical issue.

The projector will start from. Where it’s the last time end? 

There is one thing I don’t like about this projector. It didn’t have any mounting.

So, you can hook your projector. With the ceiling. If you don’t have an option, place the table over the table.

  • Very affordable price.
  • HDMI input port.
  • Two speakers.
  • Big image.
  • It does not have any mounting holes.
  • Noisy fan.


So, that’s all my friends. If you want to look for the best Roku for the projector.

You can get that. There are four options available for you. Choose according to your budget. 

And have the 4k streaming content on your projector.

And also if you are looking for the best projector. That you can buy for your projector.

If you have suggested the two projectors. You can buy it for your projector.

See you next time…

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