When you are choosing the projector. For the movie, sports, gaming, outdoors, business, and education. In every type of projector in the description, you will get the projector feature mentioned resolution. 

Resolution is a very important specification. You should check. Whenever you are going to buy the projector. Because it decides how great your image projection. Will be on the screen.

So, in today’s article, we are going to talk about the resolution. Which is the best resolution for the projector. And also particularly which resolution is good for the projector.

I will give you every detail about the resolution. So you won’t get confused between the native resolution and supported resolution. So, you can make the decision. When you are going to buy the projector. 

So, let’s start our article.

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What is projector resolution? 

Projector resolution can be stated as the number of pixels horizontally and vertically. Your projector can project. To create the image on the projector screen or on any projection surface. The more pixels you have in your projector. 

The clear and smooth projection. You will get on the screen. So make sure you buy the projector. Which have good resolution. There are two types of resolution. You will get in the projector description. Native resolution and supported resolution.

So, now you know about the projector resolution. Now questionaries. Which resolution is good? In general 1080p projector, the resolution will be good. For any kind of work business, education, movies, sports, outdoor, and gaming.

What is projector native resolution? 

The native resolution can be stated as the true array of the pixels horizontally and vertically. A projector can project on the projector screen. The projector won’t project more pixels than its native resolution. If your projector’s native resolution is 720p. Then your projector won’t be able to project more than 720p. Above then 720p resolution projector will crush the resolution into the 720p.

Resolution Comparison Table 


Full Form


Aspect Ratio


Super video graphics array.

 800 x 600



Extended graphics array.

1024 x 768



Wide extended graphics array.

1280 x 800



Full HD

1920 x 1080



Widescreen ultra extended graphics array.

1920 x 1200



Ultra HD

3840 x 2160


  • SVGA: SVGA is low projector resolution (800×600). If you want to project the content. Which don’t need high resolution like image, charts and vidoe clip. Then SVGA will be optimal for you.
  • XGA: If your are connecting the projector with the computer. XGA rsolution (1024×768) is good. Becasue many computer have XGA as a native resolution.
  • WXGA: This resolution (1280×800) is commmon in the computers and the smartphone. This is the widescreen version of the XGA resolution. Becasue in the horizantal arrry you will get the 20% more space than the XGA resolution.
  • FHD: This resolution (1920×1080) can be use for the blu-ray disk and also the HDTV broadcasting. This is famous in the home theater.
  • WUXGA: WUXGA resolution (1920×1200) used where need is high defination, bright projection in large vunues. WUXGA becoming famous and standards between the notebook and workstation computers.
  • 4k UHD: 4k UHD resolution (3840×2160) is the highest resolution available for the home theater projector. 4k UHD support 16:9. You can use the HDTV brodcasting and any online video content. And play the games becasue from PS and XBOX suppport 4k resolution as a high resolution of games.

What does it mean if your projector supports the resolution? 

If in the projector description. You read your projector has native 1080p resolution. And supports 4k resolutions. This means your projector can receive the 4k resolution. But your projector won’t able to output the native 4k resolution.

I will suggest you give the video signal to the projector. According to its native resolution. So you get the best image quality from your projector.

Because it’s meaningless to give the 4k video signal to the native 1080p projector. Because your video quality will be crushed. And finally what you see on the screen that your projector is capable of showing you.

That’s why check your projector native resolution. While you are choosing the projector for any purpose. 

Choosing the best projector’s resolution

So, here we are going to talk. Which resolution is good for your needs? 

Business and Education

In the school and corporate offices. Projectors generally use to project the text, images, and for showing the business. To choose the resolution of your projector. You have decided the purpose of the projector. What you’re going to do.

If you will do the image projection and PPT projection. Then the native 720p will be a good option. To show the PPT and image. Because in the PPT. There are big letters. So the native 720p will be good. 

And in the school and office. Your purpose is to show the text. Then I will highly suggest you go with the 1080p resolution. It will give you the best text viewing experience. 

Also while you are choosing the projector for the text make sure. Your projector also has a good contrast ratio.


On the online platform and offline platform. At both places, 4k and 1080p content are available. In big quantities. You can easily access the 1080p and 4k movies. Both resolutions are optimal for the movie projection in any type of home theater.

So, which resolution is optimal for the movie projection?

If you have a budget to spend on the 4k projector you should go with the 4k projector. Because of the 4k projector, you will get the movie theater experience at your home. For that, you don’t need to pay for the ticket. 

If you don’t have a big budget for the home theater movie experience. You can go with the 1080p projector. Which is also the best option for the movie projection. 

Or, if you have a budget for the 4k projector. And you don’t like the 4k projection for the present time. Then you can buy the 4k projector to future-proof the home theater system.

If you don’t have the budget for the 1080p and 4k projector. I will suggest you go with the native 720p projector.


4k sports content is not widely available like the 4k movies. There are some sports broadcasting channels. Who natively broadcast the 4k sports content. While some broadcasting channels convert the native 1080p into the 4k resolution. 

Then they air the 4k sports content. While the 1080p projector is natively available widely. So if you are thinking. Which projector resolution is good for the sports content projection.

I will suggest you go with the 1080p projector. There are many 1080p projectors available in the online market. Which specializes in sports content projection.

When do you choose the 4k projector for watching sports? If you want to futureproof your projector for the 4k sports content. When it will be widely available.


Some people say that humans can’t see the difference between the 1080p and 4k projector. Anything above 1080p kills that. It’s an unclear myth. But there is a difference between the 4k and 1080p gaming.

On the 4k projector, you will get darker shades and shadows. But still, the 1080p will be the best choice for gaming on the projector.

If you want to go with the 4k gaming on the projector. You have to get the PlayStation and the Xbox. Nowadays on the PlayStation and Xbox 4k resolution games are available to play. Just you will need the 4k projector that can handle the 4k resolution games. 

Accessing the 4k and 1080p games is not difficult. 


If you want the suggestion on the outdoors projector resolution. You only can’t depend on the projector resolution only. To get the best image quality for outdoors projection.

You have to also care about the projector lumens. Which decides how bright your projection will be. If you are confused between the ANSI Lumens, Lumens, and LUX. While reading the description of the projector.

Then you can read this article on the Lux vs Lumens projector. Which will give you complete knowledge of the projector brightness system.

Although for the outside projection. I will suggest you go with the 1080p resolution. It will be best.

Is a higher resolution projector better?

Yes, for any kind of need for the projector. Higher the resolution. Will be better. But remember for the higher resolution projectors like 4k and 1080p. You have to spend more on the projector. Then the normal native 720p projector.

For the higher resolution. You will need a higher resolution projector like a 4k projector. You should have the 4k video source. There are lots of 4k movies and shows available on the online platform. Youtube, Netflix, and Blu-ray.

For the 4k resolution gaming. You will need the 4k gaming consoles. And also the 4k projector. Which can handle the 4k resolution signals. For the 4k gaming resolution, PS and Xbox will be best.

And also for the education and business higher, any higher resolution is good. If you are confused between the various projector resolution.

Is 800×480 resolution good for a projector?

Yes, it’s quite good for the average use of the projector. On the native 800×480 resolution. You can play normal tablet games. And you can do web browsing as well you can play Netflix.

What is Maximum input resolution?

Maximum input resolution can be stated as. The maximum amount of resolution. Your projector can recognize and process. To display the image on the projector screen or projection surface.

Compression – How the projector handles non-native resolutions

If you give your projector a non-native resolution to handle. Your projector will compress that resolution. According to the native resolution of the projector. So an image can be displayed on the projector screen. And you can do the projection.

The best resolution for the laptop to the projector

It will be good to set your laptop resolution to the native resolution of the projector. You can do this easily by adjusting the laptop resolution in the display settings. So your projector easily recognizes the resolution.

How to Buy a Home Theater Projector?

Ok, we have talked about the projector resolution a lot. But there are lots of other things you should look for. While choosing the projector. Let’s check them one by one.

Room Size

It will be good to start with the room size. Check your room size, length, and width. Then you can choose. Which type of projector. You will need it for the projection. According to the distance between the projector and projection screen. There are three types of projector available. 

Long-throw, Short throw, and Ultra-Short throw. If your projection room is large. Then you can go with the long throw projector. If your projection room is of medium size. It will be good to go with the short throw projector. For those people who have a small home theater room. 

I will suggest you guys go with the short throw projector. By using the short throw projector. You can achieve the 100-inch screen from 2 to 3 inches away from the projector.

Projector Type

There mainly three types of projector are available in the market. DLP, LCD, and a Laser projector. DLP projector. Which uses the color wheel to convert the white light into the RGB light to create the image on the screen. 

If you are sensitive to the rainbow effect. Then in some DLP projectors, you may see the rainbow effect. To resolve this problem. Projector companies use the faster-moving color wheel. In the LCD projector, you will get three separate lenses to convert the white light into the RGB light. 

In this process, three different color lights convert into the final image. And provide the brightest projection. While there, the laser projector is available. Which lifespan is much longer than the LCD and DLP projector. 

And also they open very fast and close very fast. They won’t take long to open like an old projector. And also like today’s other projector.


It is also an important factor. While choosing the projector. Because if you choose the wrong projector. Which lumens output is not enough. Then your projector will suffer to project a bright image on the projector screen.

In the presence of ambient light. So, when you choose the projector to buy. Look at the Lumens and ANSI Lumens. Both are SI units that measure the amount of light emitted by the projector.


Budget is the main concern. While choosing the projector. Native 4k projectors are pricey projectors. For this type of projector, you have to spend over 5000 dollars and above. If you don’t have the budget for the 4k projector. You can go with the native 1080p. Otherwise native 720p projector. 

These projectors will be on every one budget. Don’t go with any Chinese projector. It advertises 1080p support but its native resolution is only 480p. That’s why I stay away from the Chinese projector.

If you don’t have the budget for the new native 1080p and 720p projector. Then go with the second-hand branded projector. It will be a hundred times better than the cheap Chinese projector.

Because what they promise in the description is far away from reality.


While playing the games. Every gamer’s main concern is latency rate. But nowadays there are various types of projector available on the market. Those are made for gaming. For the hardcore gamer. It will be good to go with the 20 ms projector. While normal gamers can go with the 40 ms.

Conclusion: Resolution and Projector.

While choosing the resolution for your projector. I will suggest that you first understand. What you are going to do with your projector. Then choose the resolution of your projector. Or you are confused between the various resolution of the projector. I will suggest you to go with the native 1080 projector. It will be not pricey like the native 4k projector and better than the native 720p projector.

See you next time…


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