Hello, iPhone user; no matter where you are if you are searching for the Best mini projector for iPhone under 100. This article will help you to find the ideal one for your purpose.

There is a lot of reason to buy the new mini projector for your iPhone; you may want a mini projector for various purposes like watching Netflix, Streaming, for Movies nights, and home entertainment, etc.

In this article, we are going to talk about the top 5 best mini projector for iPhone under 100.

I will tell you how these mini projectors are good or bad for your iPhone, about their best specification, how they can full fill your various purposes. And also how you can stream NetFlix from your iPhone or iPad.

Stay tuned at the end of the article.

Is there a projector for the iPhone?

There are many mini projectors out there for iPhone, but I have listed the top 5 best mini projector for iPhone/iPad Under 100.

Does the mini projector work with iPhone?

Yes, of course, these mini projectors work very well with the iPhone; you will get two kinds of connectivity wired and wireless. Both work very well.

But to play Netflix on your projector you should read this article on how you can watch Netflix on iPhone/iPad from the projector.

What is the feature, I will get under $100?

Many feature you get under $100, which will enhance your experience on the projector:-

  • 1280 * 720P Native Resolution.
  • Built-in Hi-Fi speakers.
  • Highest contrast up to 4000:1.
  • Lightweight will be up to 2.18 lbs.
  • Highest Lamp life up to 80,000 hours.
  • Multimedia connectivity.
  • Some of them come with carrying bags.

Best mini projector for iPhone under 100

From here I am going to tell you about every product on our list. Previous things are just the intro so get ready for the more informative part.

1. ELEPHAS W13 Movie Projector


The projector is at the top because easy to set up and easy to use, and lots of other features make this projector truly compatible with the iPhone. Let’s talk about it’s best specification.

Best Specification.

  • Compatible with iPhone.
  • Native resolution 720P support up to 1080P.
  • Built-in Hi-Fi speakers.
  • Contrast Ratio up to 3500:1.
  • It’s display size 30″-200″.
  • Display Distance 2.6-14.5feet.
  • Display Technology LCD.
  • Light Source LED.
  • Lamp Life 50,000 Hours.

Why you should get this.

Start with the reason why it’s on our list.

It’s easy to use and set up, there are some messy things, but there is an option for that. You can’t stream web series and movies from all apps like Netflix and Hulu directly through the mirroring. But don’t worry about that there is two option available for that Firestick & Chromecast.

After connecting with the Firestick & Chromecast stream, lots of apps like Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus, but you have to pay the subscription for that. It’s about Streaming.

Now, let’s talk about how easy to connect with the device. Two option is available for that wifi and others are is via USB lighting cable connection. First, one by wifi you connect just one time, and also easily you can change to the other wifi connection. The second one is via USB lighting cable connection; you have to right connection in your iPhone and a mini projector.

This how you can easily set up and easily use this mini projector for entertainment at home.

Let’s talk about other things about the projector.

Its picture quality is not good in the lightroom; you have to use this projector is the darkroom, inside the darkroom, it’s quality good. Projector display technology is Diffuse reflection technology, which prevents your eye from eyestrain and eye itching. To protect your eyes, you should project from 6 to 10 feet. Its native resolution is 720P, and it supports up to 1080P.

You will easily understand the remote button and control some color & brightness settings from your remote.

This mini projector is only for domestic use, not for commercial use. And it has 5-years factory support.

Pros & Cons.

  • Compatible with the iPhone.
  • Easy to use and setup.
  • The picture quality is good.
  • It’s Portable.
  • Easy to control with the remote.
  • Prevent eye from the harmful ray.
  • Lamp Life up to 50,000.
  • Use only inside the darkroom.
  • Not for outdoor.
  • Not for business use.

Inside the box.

  • ELEPHAS Projector
  • Lens Cover
  • HDMI Cable
  • AV Cable
  • Remote Control
  • Power Cable
  • Screw
  • Instruction Manual 

*Stand Tripod is not included inside the box, and quantity is only one of every product.

2. Crenova Latest 4500Lux Mini Portable Projector


If you want to enjoy the TV experience with the keystone correction feature on your iPhone, it should be your first choice. It will not despair you, give you the complete experience of TV experience on mini projector with keystone correction. You can also use it for the home theatre movie experience. It’s available in two different colors, white and red.

Best Specification.

  • Support IOS & Android both.
  • Support up to the 1080p.
  • 50,000 lamp life.
  • Maximum display 200″.
  • Game Partner.
  • Keystone Correction.
  • Support HDMI.
  • TV stick connection available.
  • 4500-lumen brightness.

Why you should get this.

Let’s start with the connectivity section and talk later about other things.

Necessary things for the iPhone connectivity are Lightning to HDMI adapter cable; you should have another budget for it. You will not get this inbox.

Before I start talking about the picture quality, I want to say that its resolution is Xpe500 native 720p projector, and the brightness level is 4500-lumen brightness.

Its picture quality is good no need for a dark environment. Work properly without distortion or lag. For outdoor use, it’s bright enough.

I have already talked about the TV connection and Keystone correction in the intro. But let’s talk more about this. You can easily put the Roku and Fire TV Stick in the HDMI port and enjoy the TV shows on the big screen.

Keystone correction is available in the projector but does not correctly work in some angle. Remote is also the essential thing which helps you to adjust the screen. And a lot more like resolution, sound settings.

The projector has In-Built speakers quality, good for the small room like a bedroom. But If you are going to use this in the outdoor and living room, you should use the external speakers.

At this price point, it’s a great projector for the iPhone; if you are thinking of buying the TV, forgot about that. It’s better than TV at this price point and highly recommended.

It’s come with lifetime technical support and three years risk-free warranty.

Pros & Cons.

  • Easy to use with iPhone.
  • Keystone Correction is available.
  • TV connections are available.
  • Ready for outdoor use.
  • Brightness is good enough.
  • Best quality in its price range.
  • Highly recommended.
  • Keystone correction does not work correctly.

Inside the box.

  • Projector.
  • AV Cable.
  • HDMI Cable.
  • Power Adapter.
  • Remote Control.
  • Cleaning Cloth.
  • User Manual.

Box contents quantity is one, and for the iPhone, you have to buy a Lightning to HDMI adapter.

3. TOPVISION Mini Projector Outdoor Movie Projector


On the third number, we have the TOPVISION Mini Projector Outdoor Movie Projector with Screen Mirroring, which you can connect with your iPhone. It has lots of features at this price range.

Best Specification.

  • Brightness Rating is 4000 Lux.
  • 4.9 Feet is the minimum throw distance.
  • 3000:1 is in contrast.
  • It is built-in HiFi speakers.
  • It has a COOLING SYSTEM.
  • 80,000 hrs is Lamp Life.
  • Display Technology LED.
  • Screen Mirroring.
  • Keystone Correction.

Why you should get this.

This projector comes with the great picture & value at this price range. It is highly recommended.

It’s easy to connect with the iPhone; you have to know the right thing. I have mention below properly you can read how you can connect with a projector and stream. You have to spend a little bit more on the apple adapter.

Let’s move to other things.

It’s picture quality, and brightness is good. Made for the proper outdoor use, but you can also use it inside this home. Both places work excellent. Native resolution is 1280*480, bright up to 4000 LUX, and its high contrast is 3000:1. This projector can play support video up to 1080P.

A picture can be easily focused on using the focus ring, and the angle can set by the ±15° Keystone correction. The lamp life of this projector is 80,000 hrs. This Mini projector has two independent fans, which can reduce power consumption and improve lamp life.

Projectors have 3W HiFi stereo speakers with surround sound, but it’s not good enough for the outdoor. You have to use the 3.5 mm port for the external speakers. Indoor audio is acetable. These projector settings are easy to use and user friendly.

After the connect (on HDMI port) with the fire stick, you can easily stream Netflix and Hulu.

It comes with Three-year & Lifetime Professional Support. For that, you have to register your product for the warranty after receiving the video projector.

Pros & Cons.

  • Ready for outdoor use.
  • Picture quality is good.
  • Support up to 1080p.
  • Compatible with the iPhone.
  • Great value at this price range.
  • Good for the movie nights.
  • Comes with warrant.
  • Don’t worry about heat consumption.
  • Speakers are not good, need external speakers.

Inside the box.

  • Power cord.
  • HDMI Cable.
  • Remote control.
  • RCA cable.

4. TMY Projector with 100 Inch Projector Screen


It can be your complete package of entertainment; it comes with a 100″ inch portable projector screen. And also compatible with the iPhone, which is a good thing.

Best Specification.

  • Brightness up to 5500 Lumen Luminous Flux.
  • Native resolutions 1280 x 720 (720P).
  • Image contrast is 4000:1.
  • Lamp Life of 60,000 Hours.
  • Keystone Correction Manual ± 15 °.
  • The aspect ratio is 4: 3/16: 9.
  • Lower noise.
  • Built-in-stereo speakers.
  • Flexible multimedia connectivity.

Why you should get this.

Easily connect with the iPhone, I have exposed correctly in the below section.

This projector is a Good and valuable product at this price range. Its picture clarity is good for the outdoor and indoor both.

It comes with 720p native resolutions and supports up to 1080p. Brightness (5,500 lumens) is good for the outdoor. 100″ inch screen included in the package will enhance the outdoor movie experience in your back yard. Perfect for the movie night.

Inbuilt speakers are good for the short distance. The lightweight projector is easy to set up. Remote control & Menu item are easy to use. Through the HDMI port, you can connect the amazon fire TV stick. The knob is available on the top of the projector. From this, you can focus on the picture and manage the keystone correction.

Not heat too much, it has fans who control the heat and prevent the projector.

Pros & Cons.

  • Comes with a 100″ inch screen.
  • Ideal for outdoor & indoor.
  • The sound quality is good.
  • Value for the money.
  • Brightness is good for outdoor use.
  • Resolution is good enough.
  • For videos screen refresh rate is good.
  • The fan could be improved.

Inside the box.

  • Remote Control (No Battery)
  • 1.5M HDMI Cable
  • 100″ Portable Projector Screen
  • TMY V08 HD Video Projector
  • Power Cable
  • AV Cable

5. APEMAN 5000L Brightness 180″ Display Projector


In the end, we have an APEMAN 5000L Brightness 180″ Display Projector, which comes with the carry case. Which keeps the projectors cable safe from the dust; made of a soft cloth.

Best Specification.

  • Native resolution = 800 * 480P.
  • Inbuilt dual speakers.
  • The image contrast ratio is 2000:1.
  • 5,000 Lumen for brightness.
  • 45,000 Hours lamp life.
  • The aspect ratio is 4:3/16:9.
  • Display technology LCD.

Why you should get this.

If you want to use this projector as a casual home cinema/movie night, it will be perfect for you, easy to connect with your iPhone (Know more about how to connect).

Picture quality is enough inside the room. If you got the picture quality good in the center but blurry in the edges, easily solve the keystone correction by adjusting the lens’s height. Perfect use will be in a dark environment.

If while using the projector goes off and comes back automatically, this is not the technical issue. It’s happened because of the self-protection mechanism.

Sound quality is enough for one room. If you want to use it for the outdoor & big room, you should use the external sound system. Use the fire stick by HDMI port. It creates low noise.

APEMAN provide you the timely professional customer service for five years with considerate service.

Pros & Cons.

  • Create low noise.
  • Good for the bedroom.
  • Easy to use and Setup.
  • Perfect for home use.
  • The remote control is easy.
  • Good in this range.
  • Not recommended for the outdoor.
  • Critical to focus on the full image.

Inside the box.

  • Remote Controller
  • APEMAN LC350 Mini Projector
  • Carry Bag
  • User Manual
  • RCA 3-in-1 AV Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Cable

Buying guide For the 5 Best mini projector for iPhone under 100 Of 2021

I have chosen the 5 Best mini projectors for iPhone under 100 dollars for you. But it’s not the same for you. That’s why I have talked about some factors that help you choose the best mini projector for iPhone.

1. Compatible.

You have to choose the mini projector, which can easily connect with the iPhone. (Don’t worry about all the projectors in this list ready to compile with the iPhone.)

2. Streaming

The mini projector can support the various media streaming platform, so you can stream your favorite movie and shows on your projector. Without any restriction. (In these mini projectors, you can’t directly stream from the apps. You will need a fire stick)

3. Value for Money

The product gives you the full value of its price, call value for money product. That’s why buy that product which can provide you the total value of your money.

4. Warranty Or Support Available

Generally, people don’t hesitate to buy the product from the brand that answers their queries. And assure them that, if some casualty happens with customer product, they will help them out.

What I mean to say that you have to choose a mini projector which provides your the warranty or support. So you can ask queries related to a mini projector. And feel free to buy the mini projector.

5. Contrast ratio

Pick a Mini projector that provides you a high contrast ratio. So you can easily see the difference between dark and light color; in short, the quality of your image on the screen looks crisp. And you can have all the fun with your mini projector.

6. Brightness

The brightness of any mini projector shows you the bright color on the screen. If your mini projector has good brightness, your mini projector is qualified for indoor and outdoor use.

7. Lamp Life

Lamp life decides how much you are gonna use your projector (the life of your projector). So always make sure your projector has a long life (Lamp Life). And in this long life of your mini projector, you can enjoy a lot with your mini projector, and you can use the mini projector as you want.

8. Indoor and Outdoor

If you buy the mini projector for your iPhone, you will not always use the projector only indoors. So when you pick the projector, make sure your projector capable at various places (Indoor/Outdoor). So choose the mini projector with excellent brightness mini projector with good brightness can be used indoors/outdoor.

9. Portability

The mini projector is more portable than the regular projector, so don’t worry about the portability. It will be better if the mini projector comes with a carrying case. If not, you should get one. Just put your mini projector components in your carry case and ready to go anywhere.

10. Easy to Use and setup

These mini projectors are not much complicated in terms of Setup and use. It is also another reason why the mini projector is portable. Plug in and out easily.

11. Keystone and Auto Focus

Keystone and autofocus feature very uses full in any mini projector. It will help you to adjust the picture quality of the mini projector. Keystone will adjust the angle of the screen”s, and autofocus will help you choose the screen’s size.

Note: These are the main factors to choose the best mini projector for iPhone under $100. But to focus on all these factors pretty confusing. It’s my opinion (11 factors). That’s why focus on only those factor which matters a lot for you, in the comment section, which factors are matter a lot to you from these 11 factors.

Q & A related to the Best mini projector for iPhone under 100.

How to connect and stream from an iPhone?

Lots of people are facing the problem of connecting to the iPhone. “Let me clear you, apple products don’t easily connect with any product which they don’t manufacture.” But there is a solution to connect with the projector.

First of all, you have to buy the MIF certified apple Lighting to HDMI adapter (Lightning Digital AV Adapter) or Lightning to VGA Adapter.

Then you can connect with your mini projector easily without any error. Or directly through Airplay wirelessly. If you want to know more about iPhone to the projector. Read the article on play Netflix on the projector from iPhone/iPad.

Due to copyright issues, you can’t stream directly (through mirroring) movies and shows from Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, Roku. You have to buy the Amazon fire tv stick & Roku Stick; after that, you can stream.

All these conditions apply to the projector in our list.

Is this necessary to buy the Lighting to HDMI adapter?

I know the projector I recommend, some of them guide you in user manul how you connect with the iPhone to the projector. But it’s not necessary.

It will connect. You can have some issues; most people face the problem when they try to connect their iPhone to the projector.

For complete assurance, you should get the Lighting to HDMI adapter. Rest things up to it’s your choice to get or not.

If you chose a projector, which supports a wireless connection, you do not need to worry about the Lighting to HDMI adapter. You can connect with Airplay.

Is there a projector app for iPhone?

Yes, there is a projector app for the iPhone. By the Epson, but we don’t have Epson mini projector on our list. So you don’t need to think about it.

Can I project an image from my iPhone?

No, you can’t project images from the iPhone directly. Because the iPhone doesn’t have the projection hardware. But there is a solution called Tracing Projector; it’s an app that helps you project the image from your iPhone.

How do I turn my iPhone into a projector?

You can easily turn the iPhone into a projector for that; you should check out this video or read this article. In the video, a boy correctly shows how you can do this with the old show box in a fun way.

Last Word By Me

Thank you if you are reading my “last word.” I hope now you don’t need to worry about finding the Best mini projector for iPhone under 100 and how to choose the best one for you.

I have written this and link the article to various informative articles and videos. So you can rely on this article to choose the Best mini projector for iPhone under 100.

Share this article with your friends and family to help them. Now bye, see you on any random post of the OnsMe.com.

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