What are the 11 Best material for projector screen in 2023?

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What are the 8 best material for projector screen

Ok, you buy the new projector.

There are many people who can’t afford. The expensive movie screen material for their movie projection set up.

So this type of folk wanders on the internet to find cheap DIY screen material.

So they can build the DIY screen for their backyard movie night. And enjoy the good quality movie projection on their DIY screen.

That’s why today in this article. I am going to show you a huge number of DIY projector screen materials. You can choose one of them, a good one for you.

In this article, I also educate you on how you can choose between them.

Stay till the end.

Top 11 best materials to use for outdoor and indoor projector screens:-


If you want something in which you can spend up to 105$. And want the good screen fabric for your indoor and outdoor use then. Spandex is awesome for you. 

It will not take much time to construct. A few things you will need are a good Backdrop Stand and Spandex screen material (Check the price on Amazon).

And you are ready to construct.

You can easily build in minutes with the help of bungee cords and clips on the backdrop stand.

And also you can set up the spandex inside your home. Just you need to hook the five hooks in the ceiling.

And stretch the lower portion with a bungee. 

And also you can use the spandex with a fixed frame of wood. In your home theater room.

The screen color will be white and also image quality will be great on this material. And it has an additional feature you can do front and rear projection.

It will be great if you use the speakers behind the projector screen. 


Here I am taking all the names at once because of lot people confuse between these terms. In terms of construction and visualization, they could be different.

But they all have the same material Polyvinyl chloride. I am talking about. The Billboard VinylCamping tarps, and Collapsible PVC (Check Price On Amazon).

To build all three items you will need 4 hours of construction time. If you buy one of these screen materials you will spend a maximum of 135$.

And it’s the price of the Billboard vinyl. Camping and Collapsible PVC screen material have less price than billboard vinyl.

To construct the Billboard Vinyl and Collapsible PVC. You have to build the wood frame. Or you can use the Bungee cords and Clips.

On the other side construct the screen with the Camping Tarps. You will need one more thing with the taps.

And that is Drop Cloth (Check out the price on Amazon). To view the whole process. Check out this video where you get all the knowledge.

You can do custom paint on all PVC materials. And all the screens will be portable. But the screen made by Camping Tarps will be more portable. Than others.

You know the good difference between. The physical structure of when you watch the video I have provided. What I think about them.

You can roll the screen when on dowels. While you have to lift the whole screen of Collapsible PVC and Billboard Vinyl screen frame.

And Image quality will be good on all the screen material. I will not lie not to you.

Collapsible PVC and Billboard Vinyl have better image quality than the Camping Tarps.

If you remove the wrinkles from the camping tarps screen then it will also give you a good quality image.

Blackout Cloth

Most famous and widely used projector screen material. And also a top-selling product for projection screen material. 

And you know what I am talking about, Blackout Cloth (Check price on Amazon).

Most people already know about this screen material. If you’re searching for the best screen material for projector screens.

Honestly, it will give you great image quality. Because the projected light won’t pass through.

The screen material and the amount of reflection from the screen will be good.

You have to create a wood-fixed frame. So you can use the Blackout Cloth as a projector screen.

And it will take at least four hours to create the full screen. 

If you have already figured out the measurements and how you will do the work. It will not take that much time

And it’s also portable if you build the two hooks on the frame. Then you can move the screen. And use indoor and outdoor and get a great quality image. 

The sad thing about this screen material you can’t project rear projection.

DIY Paint Wall

It’s also another famous material to make the DIY screen at home. But to use this paint you will need the wall. Which is fixed so it’s not portable. 

To use the paint on the wall first you have to sand the wall. To make the wall surface uniform. If it’s not. It will take at least a day to complete the DIY paint wall project. 

And to paint the wall you will need good quality DIY paint. There are three suggestions for the paint you can choose between them. And you will not regret:-

  1. Projector Screen Paint – High Definition
  2. Ultra HD Premium Screen Paint
  3. Paint On Screen Projector Screen Paint

Choose wisely between them because these paints are costly. To do the DIY paint on the wall properly.

I would like to suggest you two more products Frogtape and Felt Tape (Check price on Amazon).

And also the image quality will be great. It highly depends upon the color you choose white, black, or gray.


Something big. If you are doing the movie night in your backyard and at the park. With the big number of people. Then an inflatable screen comes into play.

The inflatable screen is easy to use. For that, you will need the air blower and it will be ready in 30 minutes completely. 

It’s portable. But I will not use an inflatable screen as it is completely portable. There is some best inflatable screens. I would like to share with you:-

  1. VIVOHOME 14 Feet Indoor and Outdoor Inflatable screen
  2. Sewinfla 24Ft Inflatable Movie Screen
  3. Gemmy 44743 – Airblown- Movie Screen

Generally, Inflatable screens are available in white color. And the inflatable screen is more costly than any other screen material on our list.

But not compromise the image quality. Only use a good projector. If you want something good on a big screen. It’s for you to go with the inflatable screen. 

In case you choose the inflatable movie screen. Which don’t come with the air pump/blower (Check price on Amazon).

Bed Sheet

If you want the projector Fabric cheaper than. You can go with the bed sheet (Check the price on Amazon).

I am not joking, you can use the bedsheet for the image projection.

But it should be white. Which I prefer so I am suggesting to you. And also I will suggest you use something behind the bedsheet. 

So it can hold the projected light and provide you with good image quality on the screen.

Also, it’s portable to use. And you can take it anywhere, like camping.

And it can also be used in the backyard of the home. Just hook the cloth with your backyard wall wood. It will take a few minutes.

Same you can hook the cloth inside your home. That’s how you can use the bed sheet for making a projector screen.


If you do yoga you may familiar with this material. This is used for yoga. Trapeze is made from ninety percent spandex and ten percent polyester. 

You can do two types of projection in this fabric. Rear projection and Front projection. You can wash by using cold water.

For a DIY screen, I will suggest making a wood frame.


It’s a very strong material breathable but unbreakable fabric. Used to make the PPE kit.

By using this you can make a projector screen. You will need the iron or PVC pipe and you can make a projection screen for your projector.

To know more about how you can make exactly what things you need. Please check out this detailed article on the Tyvek projector screen.

Plastic & Metal

This projector screen material is cheap in every term. You don’t need to spend a lot on this type of material.

And also the picture quality is not very impressive. As much as you spend, you get the same image quality.

In general, I don’t recommend people to go with this type of material. And here I will not recommend it. If you don’t have any other option (Last Option Left).

Then go with the metal and plastic for the projector screen material. Otherwise left this plan. It will not be worth it.


If you want an amazing experience in projector projection. Once you should try projection on glass. You can make your normal glass the projector screen.

There are various ways you can turn your glass into a projection screen. By cheap and expensive ways. 

Expensive way. There are two expensive ways. Apply a smart film screen on the glass.

For these, you will need professional people to apply smart film screens. And you can also use S-paint by PaintPam.com. 

Cheap Way. You can use fine mist spray on the glass and use tracing paper on it. It will make the glass blurry from one side. And don’t let pass the light. 

Last you can use buttermilk to turn your glass into a projector screen.

Use a paint roller and roll your roller from one side of the glass. Let it dry. Rest know what you have to do to see the image.

Does the projector screen material really matter?

It’s a little bit dependent on technical and lifespan aspects. When you project the image on the screen. It depends on screen material and gains. 

How much light will come back and go to hit your eyes? If you’re using good quality projector screen material.

Then the light will reflect in a good amount to your eyes. And you will get a good output of the image from your projector. 

Lifespan: If you will spend a good amount of money on your projector screen material. Then it will give you a longer lifespan. In three to seven-year, you will change your projector. 

But if you spend on the good quality projector screen material. It will give your a longer lifespan of use than the projector.

I hope now you get it matters a lot.

How to choose the right projector screen material?


There are three primary colors of the screen which people widely consider.

First white provides you with a great bright and color-full image. 

While in the dark black color you will get a better contrast than the white color.

Because the white color doesn’t hold the black contrast as black color.

If you want something which has both, grey color is available. You get the medium value.

Read Also: Comparison between black and white projector screen.


It’s not necessary when you invest in the projector screen you always put that on-screen in one place. It’s an obvious thing you change the place. 

So make sure you choose the projector screen material. Which helps you to make the projector screen. You can at least change the place where you want.


It could be the most controversial. And a crucial part of choosing the projector screen material.

And I don’t know what the projector screen material budget is. 

So my suggestion will when you choose the screen material. Calculate every penny of screen construction.

Then go with the best screen material. Which gives your great price value. And Match your expectations.

That’s all I have to say about the cost.

Construction Time

If you like to deeply dive into the DIY project. Then buddy this section is not for you. Seek this one.

Construction time is also a good aspect to choose the screen material. But it doesn’t matter a lot to image quality. 

So if you are a busy guy or not interested in DIY stuff. It could be a good reason to reject screen material. 

Image quality

The most important factor to choose is image quality. So always keep this in mind when choosing the screen material.

Keep in mind image quality. Because if you choose the screen material. 

Which does not give you good image quality. It will be a waste of money to spend on the screen material.

So don’t seek this thing ever when you choose the screen material.

Now you understand the importance of screen material. And how you can choose the good one for you.


As you can see there are lots of screen material options available for you. For the construction of a DIY projector screen.

I hope my words help you to choose the best material for the projector screen. 

See, you next time…

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