7 Best led projector under 500 Dollars 2021 [Buying Guide]

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Best led projector under $500

If you are searching for the best-led projector under 500. Here I have the handpicked best-led projector. You can choose easily. I have written the review, buying guide, and product-related Q&A.

So I can help you to get the best-led projector for you. This article has discussed the projector on the various aspects like connectivity option, best highlights, and the projector’s best specification.

In our list (7 best-led projectors), I have added the different types of the projector. You can choose the projector for various purposes like indoor entertainment, outdoor entertainment, wifi and Bluetooth, support 4k, 1080P, Andriod, Home Theater.

Now you know what you will get in this article, let’s dive into our article without wasting time.

Which is the best-LED projector?

Should you spend $500 on a led projector?

Yes, if you want a projector which life is long and bright, then you should spend $500 because there are many features available at this price range.

How long does a LED projector bulb last?

LED projector bulbs have a longer life than the traditional projector lamp; its average life is 20,000. They are bright, and their picture quality is bright. Not release that much heat.

It’s bulb life also depends upon how you maintain the projector. In which environment you use and after that how you store it. With time, bulb life decreases, but still better than the traditional lamp of a projector.

Features you get under $500 for an LED projector?

List of features you get under $500.

  • HiFi stereo speakers.
  • Support Android.
  • 60HZ High Refresh Rate for gaming.
  • Big-screen entertainment.
  • Display technology is a TFT LCD.
  • Its LED bulb life is 100000 hours.
  • 3D affect.

Top 7 Best led projector under $500

Let’s talk about our seven best projectors under 500 gradually, handpicked by me.

1. YABER Y30 Native 1080P Projector


I will start with the YABER Y30 Native 1080P Projector, which is the “editor chose” led projector in our list. This projector specified the home theater, and it has lots of other excellent features.

Connectivity option.

2x HDMI / 2x USB / VGA / 3.5mm Audio Output/ Audio Input.

Best Highlights.

  • Highest bright up to 7000 Lumen.
  • The mounting type is celling.
  • 4D keystone correction.
  • HD reverse lens design.
  • HiFi stereo speakers.
  • Contrast ration is 10,000:1.
  • The zoom range is -50%.
  • Color matching algorithm.
  • Native resolution 1080P.
  • 100000 hours of bulb life.

Best part of this projector.

Now, I will tell you the best highlights of this projector.

Start with it’s HiFi speakers and Colling technology. 3w stereo speakers and surround sound, which makes it independent from the external speakers. So you don’t need to put effort into the external speakers.

Its cooling system continuously analyzes the heat of the LED light source and makes it cool; by controlling the fan’s speed, it’s good for gaming. And you can also control the speed of the fan by remote if it bothers you during me-time.

Its keystone correction is so innovative you can adjust the projector screen’s angle by ±50° vertical and horizontal. X_ZooM or Y_Zoom helps you adjust the screen’s zoom, so you don’t need to adjust the projector by hand. All these operations can be operated by the remote without any headache.

You can do mirroring from your Android, iPhone, MacBook, or MacBook Pro. For that, you need this equipment like an MHL-HDMI adapter for android, a Lighting to HDMI adapter for iPhone, USB-C-HDMI cable for MacBook or MacBook Pro. All this stuff you won’t get inside the box you have to buy yourself if you need.

Before we start talking about its picture quality, let me tell you, this projector’s native resolution is 1080P (it can play the video up to 4k, not directly; you need your phone or laptop), lumens flux is 7000. Contrast ratio is 10,000:1.

And you can project the video from 45″ to 200″ screen size. But I will refer you to set screen size and distance by yourself according to your Vision.

Its picture quality is excellent in a dark room and also useful in spare rooms. It’s ready to use in the backyard of your home, bright enough for the outdoor. For a home theatre experience, you should plug in a fire stick.

The hardware interface is 2x HDMI / 2x USB / VGA / 3.5mm Audio Output/ Audio Input, which helps you to connect with a Phone, PC, TV Box, PS4, etc.

Yaber gives you six months back and three years repair and bonus by the Yaber lifetime technical support.

Pros & Cons.

  • High contrast.
  • The cooling system is good.
  • LED bulb life up to 100000 hours.
  • Speakers are good.
  • Two HDMI inputs.
  • Good for gaming.
  • Easy to use and focus.
  • Native resolution 1080P.
  • Keystone and zoom destroy image quality.
  • Build quality has a cheap feeling.

Inside the box.

  • YABER Y30 Projector
  • Power Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • VGA Cable
  • 3 in 1 AV Cable
  • 3 in 3 AV Cable
  • Remote Control
  • Projector Lens Cover
  • User Manual
  • Cloth

2. Gzunelic 7500 lumens Android WiFi 1080p Video Projector


Second place holds by Gzunelic 7500 lumens Android wifi in our list. Android and wifi is the reason why we are going to talk about the projector. And also about other unique features.

Connectivity option.

  • VGA / 2 USB / 2 HDMI / Ethernet / AV / 3.5mm Audio Port.

Best Highlights.

  • Celling, Table and Tripod is mounting type.
  • Brightness: 6500 lumens.
  • Support Android.
  • Sharp native resolution is 1080P.
  • Contrast:  10000:1. 
  • Cooling fans with copper pipes.
  • Keystone: Manual ± 15°
  • Focus is manual.
  • Aspect Ratio: 16: 9 or 4:3.
  • 80,000 hours led to bulb life.
  • Online Shopping, Game, videos, and Apps.

Best part of this projector.

This projector comes with the US Cree LED bulb, which maximum W is 250W. It has a power full LED bulb, which makes it brighter than other projectors. You can use this in your home or outside the home.

It’s has a 250W LED bulb, which makes it bright, that’s why it releases heat. But you don’t need to worry about that.

Projector has an excellent cooling system, which makes it cool. It comes with four fans and also with four copper wires. Better than a regular projector, which has only 2 or 3 fans.

This is a smart android projector; it has an OS that helps you use this projector as a giant computer or smartphone. You can connect through the wifi or Ethernet for the internet. If you want, you can download apps and also able to connect with a mouse and keyboard.

Its picture quality is impressive no matter where you want to use it, especially if you want to use this for the outdoor wait until the evening; then, its picture quality does not despair you.

These are the reason why it’s picture quality is not despair you, 1080P native resolution (For HD image), 10,000:1 contrast of the image (For crisp/sharp image), 7500 lumens (For bright image). It has six layers of Big Caliber Optical Coating Lens, used in this projector lens for the correct phase and chromatic aberrations, which helps you put the projector nearer to the screen.

These projectors can easily be used for these places and purposes like home theater, small classroom, small meeting rooms, and not for the big room.

You can use screen mirroring through the “Screening Assistant,” after the first click on the settings, you can easily connect to your phone by Airplay and Miracast, but be sure you are on the same wifi/internet connection. By mirroring, you can only play ordinary video, but you will need the fire stick for streaming. Connection available for the external speakers is Wired and Wireless.

After connected with the internet (by wifi and RJ-45 ethernet port), you can do cool stuff online with this projector like online shopping, games, videos, and Apps.

At the end of this section, we will talk about the warranty and support. One year free replacement and lifetime professional technical support. On six month complete replacement and three-year repair.

Pros & Cons.

  • 250W led bulb.
  • Android-based projector.
  • Native resolution 1080p supports up to 2k, 4k.
  • The cooling system has fans as well as copper pipes.
  • Comes with the 6 Layers -Big-Caliber-Optical Coating Lens.
  • Mounting type table, tripod, celling.
  • Comes with the various warranty and support.
  • Bright enough.
  • Good image contrast.
  • Inside the box two remote available.
  • Keystone and Zoom functions are manuls.
  • Need external speakers.
  • Need to improve the noise of the fans.

3. EUG-Bluetooth Projector WiFi Android LED LCD


This is the second wifi Android projector on our list. But this is different from the first one, which talks earlier. I will tell you how it’s different from the first one and how much this is good in itself.

Connectivity option.

VGA, USB, HDMI, wireless, Bluetooth.

Best Highlights.

  • Resolutions are 1280 x 800.
  • Bright up to 4400 LED luminous.
  • LED bulb life is 50,000-Hours.
  • The contrast is 5000:1.
  • OS: Android 6.0.
  • Manual Keystone (vertical).
  • Throw Distance is 3.94-16.4ft.
  • 60HZ High Refresh Rate for gaming.
  • Connectivity is flexible.

Best part of this projector.

This projector is easy to set up; the projector can be turned off and on without delay. Available connectivity is VGA, USB, HDMI, wireless, Bluetooth, which can set up with the iPhone, iPad, Chromecast, TV, Speakers, etc. Its OS not that effective.

If it’s not enough for you to watch movies and show you also have other options like a firestick and a DVD player. So there is no lack for home theater use.

If you want to have the complete fun of home theater, you should use Bluetooth speakers (4.0). For the pairing of Bluetooth speakers (4.0), go to the “settings” then “bluetooth” you will get the pairing option for your Bluetooth speakers (4.0) for a better experience.

The projector is ceiling type; you can hook this projector in your celling; for that, on the lower side of the projector, you will get a screw. It’s the focus and keystone correction are manual, so it’s up to you have to hook the projector from celling or not.

Its picture quality is better for the indoor, outdoor I will not prefer. Its native resolution is 1280*800 support up to 1080P full HD; the LED bulb of this projector (4400 LED luminous) is enough efficiencies for the projector’s continuous use.

The contrast ratio of the image for this projector is 5000:1. Its minimum projection distance is 4.58ft, and the maximum is 20.41ft (set according to your preference). Its LED bulb life is up to 50,000-Hours.

Pros & Cons.

  • Easy to set and use.
  • Small as well as Lightweight projector.
  • Excellent quality picture.
  • Various connectivity is available.
  • Ready with wifi and Bluetooth.
  • The LED bulb is efficient.
  • Great for the various indoor use.
  • Fan noise is normal.
  • Not for outdoor use.
  • Manul keystone & focus.
  • Need external speakers.
  • Brightness not for outdoor.

4. Mini Projector ELEPHAS, Native 720P Video Projector


We have Mini Projector ELEPHAS, Native 720P Video Projector, because of its multi-task capacity, in the fourth place; in this section, I will talk about it.

Connectivity option.


Best Highlights.

  • Native resolution is 720P.
  • Maximum size of the image is 200 Inches.
  • HDMI port is available.
  • The contrast of 2000:1.
  • 50,000 bulb life.
  • Big-screen entertainment.
  • Brightness 4500 Lumens.
  • Advance cooling time.
  • Projector For The Office.

Best part of this projector.

It comes with the AV/VGA/USB/Micro SD/HDMI/Audio connectivity, which is compatible with various gadgets like Fire TV, Audio, Flash Drive, Laptop/PC, Flash Drive, Mobile Phone/Tablet, Chromecast, Roku Streaming Stick, etc.

Its screen size is 44″-200″, minimum projection length is 5 feet, and maximum projection length is 15feet. This size of the screen is enough for a great home theater experience.

On this big screen, you can play games like a pro and enjoy the thrill of the big screen. You can also use this projector as an office projector or enjoy your free time.

Before I get into the picture quality, let me introduce those aspects which affect the picture quality.

The projector has a contrast ratio of 2000:1; it comes with a native resolution of 720P with a brightness of 4500 Lumens. Thank the advanced cooling system which keeps this projector cool.

Its bulb life is 50,000 hours. Its picture quality is good even you use the wall as a projector screen; inside the box, you will get the white screen. This projector is bright enough to give you an amazing experience.

It has dual inbuilt speakers, which are good for regular room size. Further, it would help if you used external speakers. Its remote control is easy to use, and this projector is easy to use. This projector is portable and lightweight.

Pros & Cons.

  • Big screen.
  • Comes with a white screen.
  • The picture quality is good.
  • The remote control is easy to use.
  • The projector is bright enough.
  • Portable.
  • Ready for the game.
  • Keystone correction not available.
  • Autofocus not available.

5. ZCGIOBN-Full HD Wifi Bluetooth Projector 1080P Native


It comes with 1080p native resolution support up to 4k with the wifi and Bluetooth feature. This projector has a maximum size of screen is 200″. Let’s talk more about this projector.

Connectivity option.


Best Highlights.

  • Luminous flux is 7200 Lumen.
  • Contrast up to 10000:1.
  • Max screen size is 200 inches.
  • Keystone correction is ±50°.
  • 50,000 Hours bulb life.
  • Wifi and Bluetooth.
  • Display technology is a TFT LCD.
  • Its screen refresh rate is 60Hz.
  • Display Colors:16.7 Million.

Best part of this projector.

It’s a display of the TFT LCD technology. This projector screen can be between 61″ – 200″, the short projection of this projector is 6.23 feet, and its long projection is 20 FT. The projector screen refresh rate is 60Hz; it will give you a smooth feeling for gaming. Its screen diffuses the reflection of the screen, so your eyes always are healthy.

Let’s get into the connectivity.

Its connectivity option is HDMI/VGA/AV/Audio; via all these ports, you can connect a game console, Blu-ray/DVD player, smartphone/tablet, etc. With its wifi, you can connect your iPhone to a projector, but for that, you will need the share app.

For external speakers, you have to use the Bluetooth function. For streaming, you will need the Amazon fire TV stick, Roku Stick. Because you can’t use your device app for streaming, due to copyright.

Its picture quality is good. Because of its native resolution (1080P), which can support video up to 4k. To play 4k video, you have to connect your smartphone, tablet, and laptop. This projector is bright and sharp because of the 7200 Lumen and 10000:1 Contrast Ratio.

To avoid the heating problem, it has a Nidec cooling system. It has manual keystone correction of the ±50 (horizontal & vertical). You can move the projector for the zoom in & out or use the digital ZOOM function.

It comes with a one-year warranty.

Pros & Cons.

  • Picture quality like the price.
  • Bluetooth is available for the speakers.
  • Definitely worth it.
  • It has a refresh rate of 60HZ.
  • Support the Roku & Fire stick.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Cooling system available.
  • The native resolution of 1080P.
  • Eye protection is available.
  • Focusing issue.
  • eShare is lag for the iPhone.
  • Projector has the manul Keystone correction.
  • Downloading the app is not fluid.

Inside the box.

  • Projector.
  • HDMI Cable.
  • VGA Cable.
  • AC Power Cable.
  • AV Cable.
  • Remote.
  • Manual.

6. YABER V6 WiFi Bluetooth Projector


In the second last position of our list, we have YABER V6 WiFi Bluetooth Projector, Which comes with LED light German technology.

Connectivity option.

WiFi, Bluetooth available with 2*HDMI ports, 2*USB port, AV port.

Best Highlights.

  • Native 1920*1080P resolution.
  • 7500 Lumens brightness.
  • 10000:1 contrast ratio.
  • WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0.
  • 4-Point Keystone Correction.
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9/Auto.
  • 100% -50% zoom function.
  • Dimensions is 9.84 x 8.66 x 4.33 inches.
  • Its LED bulb life is 100000 hours.

Best part of this projector.

It comes with the innovative 4-point keystone correction, not like other projectors. In 4d keystone, only you can adjust the screen by horizontal and vertical. With this 4-point keystone correction, you can set every edge of the projector easily.

It comes with a wired (2HDMI ports, 2USB port, AV port) and wireless connection. A wifi and Bluetooth, make this projector so convenient in the term of connectivity you can easily connect your iPhone & Android.

It has 6w stereo speakers, which give you the complete experience of a home theater in your living room. If you want to connect with the speakers, you can connect easily with the Bluetooth function. It can easily show your PowerPoint presentions; you have to put your USB stick in your USB port, then you can show your Microsoft Office & Adobe PDF files.

Cause of the HDPC copyright, you can’t play the Netflix and amazon prime video; for that, you will need the amazon fire stick.

Its picture quality good for the outdoor and indoor; you get great image quality at both places. Let’s get into those things which affect the picture quality of the projector. It has 1080p native resolution, 7500 lumens, 10000:1 Contrast Ratio.

This projector comes with a portable designed. Its remote control is easy to use; you will not mess up with things. Because of the wifi & Bluetooth, it’s straightforward to set.

Pros & Cons.

  • 4-point keystone.
  • Ready for outdoor use.
  • Image quality is an image.
  • The sound quality is good.
  • Value for the money projector.
  • The remote control is easy to use.
  • The brightness of this projector is excellent.
  • Wifi and Bluetooth.
  • German LED technoloby.
  • Nothing to say.

Inside the box.

  • YABER V6 Bluetooth Projector
  • Power Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • 3-in-1 AV Cable
  • User Projector bag
  • Projector Lens Cover
  • Remote Control
  • User Manual

7. Projector WOWOTO H10 4500 Lumens Mini Projector 


In the last, we have the Projector WOWOTO H10 4500 Lumens Mini LED/DLP Projector, which can use for the various entertainment purpose.

Connectivity option.

AV Port, Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI, USB 2.0 along with the bluetooth.

Best Highlights.

  • Projection Methods are rear, ceiling, front.
  • Light: RGB LED.
  • OS: Android 6.0.
  • 45,000 hours of bulb life.
  • 4500 lumens.
  • 3D affect.
  • Contrast ratio 2000:1.
  • Native resolution is 1280*800(WXGA).
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:10, 16:9, 4:3.

Best part of this projector.

It comes with the DLP screen technology, which means you can play 3D video on it. This projector screen size is 20″ – 200″, the best distance for the projector is 2m-3m, which is suitable for education, commercial use, pc games, and home theater.

To play a 3D video, you have to use Blu-ray put 3D videos you want to see. Or you can download the 3D videos from a licensed site. Then you can play 3D video on the projector. To enjoy 3D thoroughly, you have to buy 3D DLP active shutter glasses.

It’s easy to use and set. For the iPhone, you will need to use airplay to do screen mirroring. On another side, you will need a Share app for Android. Make sure you are on the same wifi when you try to connect with the iPhone and Android.

The picture quality of this projector is good in its price range. Projector native resolution is 1280*800(WXGA) and supports up to 4k 1080 P. It’s led bulb is bright up to 4500 Lumens. The image contrast ratio is 2000:1.

WOWOTO claims it’s a mini projector, but it’s not portable like other projectors. Its remote control is a little bit messy.

Pros & Cons.

  • Support 3D effect.
  • Airplay works great.
  • Auto keystone vertically.
  • Good image quality in dim light.
  • Connect with the iPhone & Android.
  • A remote control is messy.
  • It’s not portable & mini.

Inside the box.

  • Remote control
  • WOWOTO H10-Black projector
  • Power Adapter
  • Quick User Manual
  • HDMI Cable

Buying guide for Top 7 Best led projector under 500 of 2021.

There is 11 factor to choose the best-led projector under 500. These factors should be noticed by you if you want to choose the best one for you. These factors are my opinion.

1.Mounting Type

There are four types of Mounting for projector Ceiling, Table, Wall, Tripod. So you have to figure out where you are going to place the projector. And you have to choose that, which can mount in your intended place.

Mounting type means where you will place the projector for the projection of the projector.

2.Hardware Interface (Connectivity)

There are many hardware interfaces available examples; HDMI / USB / VGA / 3.5mm Audio Output/ Audio Input etc. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are wireless, and they are so flexible in the term of connectivity.

3.Native Resolution.

The exact number of pixel dots projector can draw on the screen. The more pixel you get, the clarity of your image will be improved.

4.Sound Quality

While watching a video on the projector, you can see the picture, but you can feel the sound quality. Choose the projector which gives you good sound quality by its in-built speakers, or the option to use external sandbar/speakers to fulfill your desired sound quality.

5.Contrast Ratio

It can be defined as the difference between dark shad & white shade. Projectors with an excellent contrast ratio have sharp image quality. So, choose the projector with a good contrast ratio.


Those projectors have the LED bulb; they have a better brightness quality than the regular projector. And also, their bulb life is good than another projector. Led bulbs are efficient than the regular projector.

7.Value for money

Your led projector should value money for you, and try to choose the led projector, giving you the total value of its price.

8.Remote Control

By remote, you can navigate your menu section to choose the different settings. Your led projector Remote control should be easy to understand.

9.Picture Quality

Picture quality is an important thing. If your projector picture quality is not good, other things don’t matter. Picture quality depends on these things resolution, contrast ratio, and brightness. If these things are not good, your projector picture quality will not be good.

10.Keystone correction.

Your led projector should support keystone correction; it can be auto or manual. In my opinion, your projector keystone correction should b auto because auto keystone can be controlled easily by your remote. You don’t need to adjust the screen by hand.

11.Fire Stick

If you’re buying the projector for entertainment purposes. It should be your priority because you can’t stream like Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu due to copyright issues by mirroring. You will need the fire stick.

Q&A Related to the led projector.

What is a LED projector?

Projectors use the emitting diodes to produce the light to take pictures on a flat surface. The LED projector uses less energy; they are efficient in use. And their bulb life is better than the laser and lamp. These projectors release less heat.

Advantage (Pros) of an LED projector?

The LED projector’s advantage is, these projectors are bright, their bulb life is longer than traditional lamp projectors. Generally, the LED projector doesn’t need heat dissipation because they don’t release heat not much, less than the traditional lamps. These projectors don’t need that much maintenance.

Disadvantage (Cons) of an LED projector?

I talked about this projector’s advantages in this whole article, and now it’s come to an end. Let’s talk about some disadvantages of the LED projector. The LED projector has less resolution than its competitor (lamp laser).

Last Thoughts

I hope all this helps you to find the Best led projector for under 500. I have listed all the hand-picked projectors; if I got more projectors for this list, I will add them to this list so you can get the variety to choose from a list. It’s enough for now; let’s see you in any random post of OnsMe.com.

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