4k vs 1080p projector: An detailed comparison. Which is better.

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4k vs 1080p projector.

Are you looking to upgrade a 4k Projector from 1080p, or going to buy a new projector for the home theatre? Or confuse between the 4k vs 1080p projector?

Then you came to the right article I will tell you everything you should know about the 1080p vs 4k projector.

There is an edge-to-edge difference between the 1080p and 4k projector quality. But these minor things can affect your experience with these projectors.

This article has everything you should know about the 1080p VS 4k projector. So let’s start the conversation.

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4k vs 1080p projector.

There is a major difference between the 4k and 1080p projector screens. This massive difference between both projector screen, make 4k better than 1080p.

And, the difference is: 4k has pixel 3840p x 2160p horizontally and vertically. 1080p have 1920p x 1080p horizontally and vertically. 4k has a four-time pixel density of 1080p.

4k Projector

1080p Projector

Quality of the Image

Winner 4k


Content & Streaming

Winner 4k


Projector Price


Winner 1080p


4k projector


Arrangements & Installation





 1080p Wins




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4k vs 1080p projector.

Quality of the Image

1080p vs 4k projector image by onsme.com

I will not say that the 1080p projector is good or bad in terms of image quality. If you are an average person, who is going to buy the 1080p projector.

Or coming from the 720p and 480p it’s so good for you. You can’t be denied when you look at the picture quality on the screen.

But when you compare that 1080p resolution with the 4k resolution. 1080p image quality fades away in front of 4k image quality.

4k resolution shows you the in-depth image quality which is nearer to real life. Which is too good in my experience. You will feel the same way. When you compare both resolutions in real life. In image quality Winner 4k.

Content & Streaming

Many platforms provide 4k resolution entertainment shows, movies, and web series. You can watch on premium Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney, Hulu, and YouTube.

For the streaming of this content, you will need a fire stick. You can’t stream this premium content by mirroring, due to copyright issues.

Do sports broadcast support 4k?

Yes, First-time sports are streamed in the 4k, for the Winter Olympics, Wimbledon, and the World Cup. 4k Streaming in sports is only available for live sports. ESPN and ABC sports are evolving and capable to play the native 4k streaming.

I have already the wrote the review article on a different kind of projector. And I got, in some 1080P projectors that have the sports mode to improve the image quality.

For real-life experience. They claim that our 1080p projector can show you the grass and mud alive. Which will enhance your experience of viewing.

If you are thinking to buy the 1080 projector for your home theatre setup. I will not prefer to go with the 1080p. In content and streaming Winner 4k projector.

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Projector Price

No doubt 4k projector prices are higher than the 1080 projector. But the experience you get in the 4k projector, 1080 projector can’t offer you.

So think carefully about the price range and choose the projector which values the money for you. When you decide on the projector in your mind give value to those things which you are concerned about in your projector.

Then you can choose the best projector for you. In the price range winner 1080p projector. Ok, let’s move to the resolution.


You and I already know that the 4k projector has more dense pixels than the 1080p projector. This means the 4k projector has a better resolution than the 1080p.

The reason I will go with the 4k projector, which provides me with the best image quality than 1080p. In the resolution, Better Option will be a 4k projector.

Arrangements & Installation

sitting arrangements chart
Image by CarltonBale.com

Arrangements and installation differ from person to person so that’s why I will not take the side of 1080p and 4k projectors. Both projectors have their capabilities.

Arrangements and installation depend upon various things. What is the size of the room? Your projector is a short-throw or long-throw, it’s deiced whether you gonna put your projector nearer to the screen or away from the screen.

You may want the projector to fix the ceiling. Or you are gathering with your family and friends. And you all guys do not fit in your room, so you may decide to go out from your home and set up your projector.

I have one suggestion or you can call it a tip for you. When you sit in front of a 1080p projector you should sit away from the screen. In the case of a 4k projector sit nearer to the screen for a good experience.

Or you can see the graph I have provided for you to choose the right distance, for great image quality.


Many times in my review article I have talked about the contrast ratio. The deeper the contrast ratio the more details in the image you see. Difference between the bright and dark parts of the image.

Most of the time 1080p projector has a great contrast ratio than a 4k projector. But this is not always happening.

So when you are going to buy the projector? Focus on the specification that you want in your projector. Then you’re going in the right way of choosing the best projector.

In terms of contrast, I will say the 1080p wins.

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Projector brightness depends upon lumens, not on the no of the pixel. Yes, I know the brightness of the projector helps you to see the projector image properly in ambient light and outside the room. But this article’s purpose is to differentiate between two resolutions.

But I can’t deny that projector brightness affects the image quality. And the primary specification of the projector which people see in the projector. So you should also pay attention to the brightness of the projector.

The best lumens for the projector are 2,000 without the ambient and with the ambient light, it will be 3,000.

If you are here at this point of the article you should share this article to help more people.

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Q&A Related to 4k vs 1080p projector.

Can you see the difference between 1080p and 4K projector?

If you are watching the content on the same screen material. And the same lighting condition. Then for sure, you will see the difference in the projected image.

It could be anything like if you are watching a movie. You will see the difference between the character’s skin tones. And the hair detail. You will see the movie in more detailed image quality in the 4k projector.

And while watching the football on the 1080p and 4k projector. In the 4k projector, you will notice that playground grass has batter details. Then the 1080p projector.

Can you play 4K movies on a 1080p projector?

Yes, you can play any 4k movies on the 1080p projector. And also in the 720p projector. If your 1080p or 720p projector support 4k video input.

But, don’t expect that. You will get the 4k image on the screen. You will get the downscaled image. It could be a 1080p or 720p projector.

Is 1080p resolution good for a projector?

1080p is a great option for the projector. If you are unable to buy the 4k projector. Because in the 1080p you will get lots of content to watch.

Is it worth upgrading to a 4K projector?

Yes, If you expect great image quality from the home theatre projector. Then of course you should upgrade your projector. From 1080p or 720p to 4k.

Jump from 1080P to 4k projector: Opinion?

Are you coming from the 1080p projector to the 4k projector? Then there is some opinion for you from my side. 4k will be a great projector for you, you will not regret it. Take care of the price range, the rest things are quite good.

Why, Do you need to choose a 4K projector over a Full HD Projector?

There are various reasons to choose the 4k projector over a full HD projector. I have already talked much about the 4k projector and full HD projector. Here I will go in short, if you are still confused.

In terms of Image quality, Content Streaming and Resolution 4k projector win. For Price range and contrast ratio. For contrast ratio most of the time 1080p projector win, but still 4k projector always shows you detailed picture quality.

If you are getting the movie theatre experience at your home with your 4k projector. Then it’s not your big deal.

Which is the best resolution for Gaming, Movies, Outdoors, and Sports?

If you are starting the gaming with the projector, 1080p is good for you. Want to improve then you can go with the 4k. Present gaming consoles support the 4k resolution you can also try them.

Want to see the movie on a projector with a 4k resolution? Then you need a 4k projector as well 4k streaming platform, and also a stable internet connection. Or 1080p will be the better option for you.

For outdoor entertainment, we can’t only depend on the resolution. We also need good brightness. After that when we think about the projector resolution. For outdoor you can go with 1080p or 720p both perform very well.

No doubt for sports 1080p will be a nice choice. Because there are not all sports are broadcast in 4k, they are evolving.

Does keystone correction affect the resolution?

I like the keystone correction feature so much because it allows me to adjust my screen angle. But this feature affects the resolution, every change you make, directly affects your image quality, screen angle, and size.

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In conclusion, I got when you compare 1080p vs 4k projector and 720 vs 4k projector. In both conditions, the 4k projector wins, except for the price range and contrast ratio.

But 1080p and 720p projectors can’t do those things. Which is simple for the 4k projector.

For me 4k projector is ideal, those details in the image and experience I got from 4k resolution I can’t forget.

If you wanna feel the same as me you can go with the 4k projector.

Now it’s time to take leave. I hope all my thought will help you to choose the best one for you. Thank you for reading my article. Share this article with everyone.

See you next time…


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